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Logan students are sleep deprived and here’s why

By Sheris Mendiola, Courier Staff Writer

Nine hours of sleep is an ideal amount of time for teenagers, but majority of them don’t fulfill the healthy necessity.

On a poll I ran sent to random students, homework was the number one reason most students who got under nine hours of sleep. It’s either students are overworking themselves by having a full load of honors and AP classes or some classes assign too much homework. These students possibly have other things to do as well with their lives than just focus on schoolwork.

After interviewing multiple students at Logan, 6 hours were the average amount of sleep obtained by students.

Demisha Price and Arjot Pabla, both seniors, said they “stay up and watch youtube videos.”

Procrastination was the second highest ranking reasons for under 9 hours of sleep. This is due to student’s constant use of electronics and the affect it has on people’s sleep. It stimulates the brain and causes addiction. People grow dependent on their phones and computers which leads to students checking their devices before they sleep. They then get carried away and end up glued to that device for hours.


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Get ready! Homecoming is right around the corner.

By Stacy Park, Courier Staff Writer

Colts! Get ready for this year’s homecoming dance on October 21st.

This year’s theme is going to be quite spectacular with all the new features the leadership students have been planning. Students are thrilled and are expecting great things for this year’s homecoming theme.

“Since this is my last year of high school, I want to participate in all the events this school has to offer before I leave James Logan. I hope this year’s theme will be exquisite. The Leadership students have been working on this for a very long time,” said Michael Martinez, a senior.

“To be honest, I do not know what to expect. This theme can go either way; well or wrong.  However, I’m sure that I will enjoy the dance either way.”

Leslie Angel, an 11th grader, also had opinions on leadership and the past homecoming dances.


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Logan Land– a new tradition

By Alyssa Tornel and Roxanne Ramos, Courier Staff Writers

Logan will create a Disneyland themed, “Logan Land” for the first time ever. “Logan Land” will replace the floats that are usually displayed on the track.

The junior class is planning to transform the 300’s into an area modeled after the movie, 

Credit: via Twitter @jimmysayswhaaa

The Incredibles.  The other class will model the other areas of the school based on their themes as well. The freshman have Up, Sophomores have Shrek Tales, and Seniors have High School Musical. Participating in “Logan Land” also allows students to gain community service and a chance to meet new people in your grade.

Junior Class president, Johan Casal, said “Mr. Malcolm was the first to talk about the idea of decorating the school. We officially couldn’t do float, so we started playing around with the idea of decorating other things… the idea of bringing a movie to life is an idea that kinda stuck with me.” (more…)

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Teachers express opinions on DACA

By Roxanne Ramos and Alyssa Tornel, Courier Staff Writers

With Logan being a culturally diverse school, it is a vital piece of information to know the current events regarding the recent DACA ruling.

For those of you who don’t know, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, is an American immigration policy that allows people who entered the country illegally as minors receive a renewable two year period of deferred action from deportation and be eligible to gain a work permit. However, on September 5th, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced that they would be ending the DACA program.

Mr. Santos, an ethnic studies teacher, voiced his thoughts on this ruling.

“I honestly wasn’t surprised, … it was just a matter of time… We expected this to happen. Obama’s admin deported the most people during his time but now it’s just a more blunt topic.”

Santos was also not afraid to mention that he was “critical of the system” and scrutinized the fact that “things that happened in history are still happening, which shows that we have not learned anything.”

Ms. Wright, both an English teacher and a part of the Puenté program, also voiced her opinion about the DACA ruling.  She expressed that she was“[angry] on behalf of my students and the community here.”


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The problem with Logan’s Chromebook repair time

By Stacy Park, Sarah McMurry, and Sahar Kharie, Courier Staff Writers

The faulty Chromebook repair system has been a problem at James Logan and people are getting tired of it.

For years, many students felt very displeased with the Chromebook service.

Chromebook Photo: Alex Washburn / Wired

“I turned in my Chromebook a year ago because the screen was fading away. However, after getting it back in a month, I have found that the screen was still black and unrepaired. I have given up trying to fix it and have bought a new computer,” said  Jessica Lee, a senior.

“To be honest, I believe the system is inadequate because there have been too many Chromebooks that are not left unfixed.”

While many students are disappointed with the Chromebook repair system, there are some who have a positive outlook.

“I  have turned in my Chromebook last year at the end of the first semester and have not gotten it back since. I currently have a loner, and I am very content with it. I know that many students have poor loners with incompatible chargers,” said Serena Lee, an 11th grader.

Lee also mentioned why she thinks Chromebook repairs at Logan are a haphazard.


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