Santa Cruz Cheer Competition

By Stephanie Ramirez, Courier Staff Writerimg_5489

On September 24th, the cheer team performed at Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a USA cheer competition. This was the first time competing in Santa Cruz because it is normally too early in the season to have a whole competition routine done. The cheer team competes in order to qualify for Nationals in March that is held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Despite being early in the season and the majority of the team being new to cheerleading, we did a great job overall. Since it was our first competition of the season, it was stressful getting there but we managed to get through the whole routine. We placed 5th and almost qualified to Nationals. Due to these results, it makes me excited to see what this season has in store for us because this team will get far. (more…)

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Super Typhoon Hits the Philippines and is Headed Towards China

By Margarita Garcia, Courier Staff Writerwireap_d0a9ab3f850a4cd18272dec2509dbbf5_16x9_1600

Possibly one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit the Philippines. Haima, has destroyed property and the lives of people.

At least 7 people have died in the Philippines due to the typhoon. Haima had left power outages, due to its strong winds, and flooding in the northern part of the Philippines.

According to BBC news “The storm was upgraded to a super typhoon just before it hit in Penablanca, a town in Cagayan province, around 23:00 local time (1500 GMT) on Wednesday.”

The details of the death according to ABC News were “Two construction workers died when a landslide buried their shanty in La Trinidad town in the mountain province of Benguet,” officials said, while an additional two villagers perished in landslide, another was swept away in a river and remains missing in Ifugao province, near Benguet. Further, another man died after being pinned by a fallen tree in Isabela province. One other typhoon-related death was reported in northern Ilocos region but details were not immediately available”


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Flea Market at Logan

By Izabella Gonzalez, Courier Staff Writer

The Puente class hosted a flea market at James Logan on October 22nd. Held in a section of the student parking lot, the flea market welcomed all the people traveling along Alvarado Niles Blvd to view the vendors’ setups.


This was the first flea market done by a club at Logan, and the idea came from the desire for a new way to fundraise. Puente treasurer, Isabel Gonzalez, shared “We wanted to do something different. And it’s a way to involve the community together.”


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Alessia Cara “Here” In San Francisco

img_3063By Kayla Hernandez, Courier Staff Writer

Hundreds of  fans united to see Alessia Cara at her San Francisco stop in  part 2 of her Know-It-All Tour. The 20-year-old singer and songwriter was discovered by posting Youtube videos and later got signed to a record label. She found herself with a hit on her hands with  asong called “Here” that has made it to the Billboard’s Hot list.

Two guests opened up the tour, and Nathan Sykes was one of them. He was in a band called “The Wanted”; however the band broke up in the year 2009 and he started a career as a solo artist. Sykes walked on stage and introduced himself. He gave such a tremendous performance. Although he only sang 4 songs, he gave a spectacular presentation of himself with playing the piano alongside his guitarist, James. That day he had released a music video of his song “Over and Over Again” which he also ended his performance with. (more…)

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Comparing Trump’s and Clinton’s Stances on Abortion

 By Bryce Liao, Courier Managing Editor

When Chris Wallace, moderator of the final presidential debate, asked the two presidential candidates about their positions on abortion, things got ugly.

Questioned about Roe v. Wade, a landmark Supreme Court decision that allowed pregnant women to abort if their lives were at stake, Clinton responded:

147732947739998“Roe v. Wade […] guarantees a constitutional right to a woman to make the most intimate […] decisions about her health care that one can imagine. […] So many states are putting very stringent regulations on women that block them from exercising that choice to the extent that they are defunding Planned Parenthood, which of course provides all kinds of cancer screenings and other benefits for women in our country.”

Her reasoning, as well as that of her running mate, follows the traditional liberal, pro-life, stance on abortion- that women have the right to abort should continuing the pregnancy jeopardize their health.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Don’t Get Them While They’re Hot

By Amanda Anabeza, Courier Staff Writersamsung-galaxy-note-7-recall-fire-explosion-3-840x560

Beginning early September, over one hundred customers who purchased Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 have reported their defective phones to the company. Some have suffered more damage than others.

Simply put, the cause of the Galaxy Note 7’s malfunction is in the battery of the phone. The phone is said to overheat while placed on their one-of-a-kind charger and “exploding” or catching on fire. This was a terrible inconvenience and did result in property damage in many cases.

After the complaints of customers, Samsung asked all Galaxy Note 7 users to return their cellular phones for a new replacement. They recovered about 1 million of the phones that were sold, nearly half of what was manufactured.

After many returns and exchanges, it just wasn’t meant to be. In the month of October there were more reports of the “new” Note 7 being just as defective as the first. (more…)

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JLHS Seniors Vote for the First Time

By Leslie Sanroman, Courier Staff Writeryour_vote_counts

Many of the seniors at Logan have expressed their disappointment about voting on November 8, 2016. Some feel that it is pointless to vote because they do not agree with either of the candidates. The students reveal how upset they are that after 18 long years of waiting; the primary candidates this year are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

All students have different views and feelings about this year’s elections. Some are voting for Hillary just so Trump will not win, however some are voting for Hillary because they actually feel she would be a suitable president, and others are not voting at all because they feel it is useless to vote between two bad presidents.

“I am definitely voting for Clinton,” Melody Navarrete exclaimed,” I can’t believe Donald Trump is even being allowed to run for president. This being one of the best countries, how could we allow someone with so much ignorance have the possibility of leading it.” (more…)

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Last Presidential Debate Leaves Viewers Yearning For More

By Adriana Elias, Courier Features Editor

trump__clintonThe last presidential debate of this election, held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, was a constant back and forth argument between republican nominee, prominent American businessman Donald Trump, and democratic nominee, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Both candidates came forth with strong opinions that provided for an interesting debate.

One of the most memorable topics of the night was abortion rights. The things said by both nominees resonated with many viewers, especially women. This is an important topic because both candidates are at opposite ends of the spectrum; Clinton wants for abortion to be legal and accessible, but Trump, not so much. It’s a touchy subject when speaking about what a woman can or cannot do with her body. Trump vowed to appoint pro life judges to the Supreme Court, meaning getting an abortion would be close to impossible for women who need them. Clinton fired back arguing that women should be able to make their own decisions when it comes to their body, including abortion.


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Logan Students Anticipate P-lo’s Appearance at their Homecoming Dance

By Adriana Elias, Courier Features Editor

download-1The homecoming dance at James Logan High School is always a highly anticipated event by many students there. The homecoming dance closes out the weekly festivities of spirit week and allows students a fun chance to dance and socialize but this year students may have a little more to look forward to.

Popular rap artist, P-lo, who is from the Bay Area is attending our homecoming dance this year, which is being held on October 29th.

It all started when junior, Preet Samra, direct messaged P-lo on the popular social media app, Twitter. When asked about it she responded with “I just asked him how many retweets it would take for him to attend the dance and he responded with 500”. As soon as he replied, Samra took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it on her Twitter account. Immediately, the retweets poured in and hit 500 within the hour.


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Marching Band’s Fight for Redemption

By Molly Troxclair, Entertainment Editorband02

The marching band and color guard will be attending a big regional competition this Saturday, the Bands of America (BOA) Regional at San Jose State.

The band and guard attended this competition for the first time last year, when it was held at American Canyon High School near Vallejo. They got fourth place out of ten last year, which came as a surprise to some of their competitors.  This year, they are hoping to come back and do better.

BOA is a lot different from what the band is used to. For instance, their warm up is much shorter, and, instead of performing once, they perform twice in one day.  

Rafael H., a junior who plays the bass drum, had a lot to say about these differences. “It’s a lot more different, but the break in between isn’t that bad.” He’s talking about the couple hour break they get in between their first and second performance. In this time, they get fed by the band boosters, parents and alumni who volunteer their time at practices at shows.

“It’s a whole different atmosphere.  I think, with practice, we can get a higher placing. The scoring is heavily based upon the winds [trumpets, saxophones, flutes, etc.], so it’s odd.”

As for the warm up, he says, “The warm up is weird because we can’t use a metronome, because it’s a distraction to the other bands. The warm up area is so small, too!!” In their warm up area, they are surrounded by up to 15 other groups, which all have up to 200 students.

Last year, they were 5 points short of first, and they are trying to redeem themselves this year.

Juan P., a clarinetist who is a junior talked a lot about last year’s experience. “[Last year] was just a normal run through, and was pretty solid. The first performance was better than the second for sure, though.”

About warm up, he agreed with Rafael, “It was somewhat distracting, but I could handle it, and so could most everyone else.”

On their 4th place ranking, he said, “The placement was surprising, but nothing totally traumatic or something. I think we can improve upon that and do better this year.”

The best of luck goes out to our marching band and guard, and we know they will make us proud no matter what!

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