Logan Girls Wear Makeup for Selves, Others

Photo: pexels.com

Photo: pexels.com

By Kayla Hernandez, Courier Staff Writer

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” ― Tyra Banks

Some girls at Logan say that, just like Tyra Banks, wearing makeup give them confidence and comfort within  themselves, but have different perspectives on what makeup they like putting on.

“I use makeup for fun but mostly use it to cover my flaws up..” said Logan junior Aaliyah Berrow, “It’s worth baking your face, since I do put on makeup everyday, and I do it because it makes me feel like Beyoncé right after.”

Everybody is different in their own way and many go for other types of looks in the book, whether it goes from fashion to beauty to style to many other numerous things. It’s easy to go on a website and search up a pleasant look for the season but what does it actually say about a person and why they follow the most popular trends.

Numerous others,  like Aaliyah, put makeup on for fun and to cover up “flaws”,  but other girls  just go for the simple Chapstick and mascara look.  Senior Fabiola Garcia said, “I don’t think makeup really shows real beauty, since I think beauty is something that inspires you to be yourself.  Makeup can do that, but not as much as being you and expressing yourself through your personality.”

Nicole Pimentel, a senior,  wears makeup as a daily routine and aims for a natural look. “I wake up everyday in the morning and put on foundation, mascara, and lightly color in my eyebrows,” she said, “Sometimes I even put on eyeshadow, but it’s rare. I go for a more natural look.”


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Logan Celebrates Mexican Independence Day

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

The celebration included the destruction of a piñata. Photo by Carlos Velasco.

The celebration included the destruction of a piñata.
Photo by Carlos Velasco.

Mexican Independence day is being celebrated here at Logan and is gaining recognition as a fun day.

Students and staff celebrated the day, Sept. 16,  around campus with loud celebratory music and dancing with chants. This event was put together by MECHA, whose “key focus is getting Latino students into college,”  said Mexican-American Heritage teacher Gabriela Esquivez,

Senior Samuel Esquivez, a nephew of Gabriela Esquivez,   said the event is done to “raise awareness of the day because people mistake Mexican Independence Day for Cinco De Mayo.” He said he thinks the celebration is pretty effective in raising awareness. “Latinos and other ethnicities like it too,” he said.

His favorite part of the celebration is the Aztec Dancing.

Mrs. Esquivez saids the celebration can improve if “teachers spread the word to students.” Then the event could be bigger and better and more appreciated.

The celebration’s dances, food,  pinata, and  environment may have made some  feel like they weren’t in a school, but an outdoor party filled with friends and good times.


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Frank Ocean’s New “Blonde” Enigmatic, Experimental, Personal

By Sarah Chawla, Courier Staff Writer

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated sophomore album, entitled Blonde,  is a more personal and experimental effoceanblondeort than his last one.

The title Blonde is inconsistent with the album art which says “Blond”.  Some assume that this is a reference to his bisexuality, since “blond” is the male version and “blonde” is the female version.  Others assume that it symbolizes the fact that Frank embodies both masculine and feminine traits.

In addition to the title, the project includes many other dualities, one being his two track lists.  Frank released a magazine which contained a different tracklist than the one on Apple Music. There are a few songs that are exclusive to the version they’re on, but most of the songs are the same.  Although he hasn’t explicitly stated the reason for this, fans have multiple theories.  One fan, Ron Gonzalez Jr. assumes the two versions are dedicated to two separate love interests.

Throughout the project, Frank maintained mystery among his fans and even his collaborators. A keyboardist that worked with Frank, Buddy Ross, spoke on his experience.  He said he went to the studio, played his part, and didn’t know what his contribution was going to sound like until the album was released. (more…)

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School Concerned About Falling AP Scores

By Bryce Liao, Courier Managing Editor

AP exam scores have been falling increasingly over the past few years at Logan.pic

At the start of the school year, principal Abhi Brar held a meeting with all AP teachers to discuss ways to improve the current situation. The teachers noted that some classes experienced dramatic increases in the number of students, but more students did not pass.

Typically, a full length AP High School course teaches a year’s worth of College-level material, and traditional restrictions have barred a number of students from taking these challenging AP courses. However, in recent years, the number of AP students has been increasing dramatically, partly due to the open enrollment policy.

Ms Nguyen, an AP Calculus AB teacher, says, “Open enrollment has given students more opportunities to take higher level classes, and also more opportunities to take AP exams. This seems good at first, but it opens the gate to students who maybe [have not] fully met the prerequisites for the class.”

An anonymous student agrees with that idea, stating, “Open enrollment results in classes filled with incompetent students and dilutes the difficulty and ‘advanced’ status of the class. This obviously lowers the average score as not everyone has the ability to learn, retain, and study material for the AP test.”

An interesting correlation between AP scores and class grades showed that some students did not have As in the class, but still aced the AP exam, while other students with high grades did not pass the AP Exam. This suggests the possibility of classes not exactly aligned with the AP test, causing some students to sacrifice their class grade in order to self-study more relevant material. (more…)

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Game Review: Forza Horizon 3 Fulfills Need for Virtual Speed

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Staff Writer

Forza Horizon 3 Digital Box Shot

Forza Horizon 3 Digital Box Shot

Here you come roaring in your 800 horsepower Lamborghini  Veneno coming over a hill to see a bright red Horizon and plenty of other high octane cars ready to race — in your dreams, or if you play Forza Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon 3 is a new racing game produced by Turn10, developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft games. Horizon is scheduled to be released on Sept. 27 and will be available online and in Gamestops and Bestbuys across the nation for PC and Xbox 1 creating a Horizon trilogy each game bigger and better than the last.

In this Horizon you are now racing in Australia, you control the festival and you call the shots. You can control everything from how far the festival spans down to what music is played for your guests.  When you’re in control you have the power to shape how you experience Forza racing. To add to your power you can hire and fire your crew if they don’t suffice to your racing style or pace. A new feature to Forza is taking pre-created races from Forza and make them your own, changing checkpoints, laps, finish and even renaming them. The famous Forza Bucket Lists also will be able to be reshaped. This feature is called Horizon Blueprint.

You will be able to explore the great “Lucky Country” in over 350 of the greatest cars manufacturers have put out. Cruise around in the 3 wheeled Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon or take action in the ageless 960 horsepower Koenigsegg Agera hunting top speed records to beat. (more…)

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Lady Colts Varsity Volleyball Kick Starts Season with 3rd place win at San Luis Obispo Tournament


By Cat De Leon, Courier Assistant Sports Editor

volleyballWith a 5-2 record, James Logan’s Varsity Volleyball placed 3rd out of 44 teams  at the annual San Luis Obispo Tournament Sept. 9-10 .

The Lady Colts volleyball program attended the San Luis Obispo Midstate Volleyball Tournament last year making it to the quarter finals. Senior Defensive Specialist Anabeza Anabeza said she hopes to “make it as far as they can” for this year’s tournament. Forty-four teams, from different parts of California, competed in the tournament

On day one, our Lady Colts came out with a record of 2-1 in pool play with wins versus Sanger Union (Sanger, CA) and Yerba Buena High (San Jose, CA) and a lost to top seeded, Arroyo Grande. (Arroyo Grande, CA)

After claiming a spot in the gold bracket, the start of day two was near perfection as the Lady Colts started with a 3-0 record. They rallied hard versus Palm Desert (Palm Desert, CA), Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA), and won in a redemption game against Arroyo Grande, sending them out of the tournament.

Unfortunately, the Lady Colts lost in the Semi Finals vs Ventura High School, placing them 3rd in the tourney. Great efforts from the whole team with special highlights from sophomore, Taumafa Tuinavai and junior captain, Tatiana Toleafoa, combining for 103 kills along with senior captain, Lynda Nguyen, for collecting 82 digs throughout the tournament. (more…)

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Turf Replacement Cramps Marching Band’s Style

By Molly Troxclair, Courier Entertainment Editor


Work on replacing the synthetic turf on the Judson E. Taylor Field is hampering the Marching Band’s practice sessions. Photo: Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

Our marching band is struggling to practice on the JV baseball field instead of in the stadium, with the field under construction.

The program consists of 270 Logan students and 26 staff members and has been around for as long as most people can remember.  Since the main football field is under construction, the marching band is rehearsing on the JV and varsity baseball fields.  

Jorge Anaya, a junior in the saxophone section, had a lot to say about this. “When one of the key aspects of it [band] is your placement on the field, not having straight lines really hurts us.  It’s training us incorrectly and teaching us bad habits.”  

He says the fields are in good condition, but they need to respect other people’s areas.  “It’s hard to practice because you try not to dig up the dirt or make it all messy because it’s like someone coming into your room and throwing trash everywhere, and who wants that?”

One of the color guard captains, Jezzele Masulit (a senior), said, “Whenever we would practice on the baseball field last year, it’s kind of like not even a real field, but, when you think about it, this is our field for now and it is real!” (more…)

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Parking Rules  Confusing Students

By Adriana Elias, Courier Staff Writer

Do you have your parking permit? Courier Staff Photo

Do you have your parking permit?
Courier Staff Photo

Some student drivers were surprised when they returned to James Logan High School on August 24 and learned that all spots painted yellow were no longer for them. Another shock also came to them when they realized that they needed a student parking permit in order to park at school.

Students like Norma Orozco, a junior, were angered by the new rules. Asked if her parents would be willing to pay ten dollars for the permit, she said “Possibly, but money is tight right now and my parents don’t see the point in paying because my older siblings went to Logan in 2012 and they got their parking permits for free.”

“It is preposterous,” she said about the changes.

Sophomore Chase daRosa said echoed Orozco: “I don’t see the point in buying a parking permit because people have been parking here for free.

“It is just a way for the school to make money,” daRosa said, “It’s not like there is a parking overflow, or people who don’t go to the school parking here.” (more…)

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Colts’ Varsity Basketball Gears Up for Glory

By Jordan McGlory, Courier Staff Writer

Note:  Jordan McGlory is a member of the James Logan Varsity Basketball team who’s writing for The Courier as an “insider.”

With a new season before them and a squad of new players,  the James Logan Varsity Basketballbasketballhat Team hopes to bounce back from a first game loss in the playoffs last year to Monte Vista. Logan has been progressing as a program the past few years from our coaches and progressive summer camps which has players working hard and improving their game throughout the summer.

Varsity coaches have been developing players through conditioning,  the weight room, and basketball drills. The program played almost 30 games in tournaments on all levels throughout the summer. Coaches Chris Busch and Matt Busch, who are brothers, have been preparing players for greatness on and off the court by bringing in guest speakers and teaching their young players more about the game of basketball.

Returning varsity player and senior Jared Bailey said,” Our chemistry has improved from last years team to this years team because of our bond off the court. I see the team making it to the second  round in NCS at minimum but the team is striving to win state. (more…)

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Services Set for Joe Ioramo

Courier Staff Report

Services for Joe “Junior” Ioramo, who was killed in an automobile accident in Hayward in the

Junior Ioramo

Junior Ioramo

early hours of Sept. 4, have been set for this weekend, according to an email sent to the James Logan staff by Principal Abhi Brar.

A viewing will be held on Friday from 6-10 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 3551 Decoto Rd. in Fremont.  A second viewing will be held at the same location on Saturday morning from 9-10:45 a.m.

 Funeral services will follow the Saturday viewing from  11-noon, also at 3551 Decoto Rd.

Immediately following those services, mourners will proceed to the Chapel of the Chimes at 32992 Mission Blvd, in Union City, for burial services.


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