Chinese WWII pilot: From war hero, to outcast, to hero again

An undated portrait of pilot Long Qiming's early family sits in the apartment of Long Wenjun, his eldest son, in Chongqing, China, on Aug. 13, 2015. Qiming helped defend China, his adopted homeland, endure World War II by flying cargo planes over the Himalayas to resupply the Chinese resistance to Japan. Pictured in this portait are Long Qiming, right, his wife, Peng Tianming, and Long Wenjun. (Yue Wu/McClatchy/TNS)

An undated portrait of pilot Long Qiming’s early family sits in the apartment of Long Wenjun, his eldest son, in Chongqing, China, on Aug. 13, 2015. Qiming helped defend China, his adopted homeland, endure World War II by flying cargo planes over the Himalayas to resupply the Chinese resistance to Japan. Pictured in this portait are Long Qiming, right, his wife, Peng Tianming, and Long Wenjun. (Yue Wu/McClatchy/TNS)

By Stuart Leavenworth
McClatchy Washington Bureau (TNS)

CHONGQING, China – By all accounts, Long Qiming was a Chinese hero during World War II. He piloted cargo planes over the Himalayas, helping to resupply China after Japan’s military had cut off land routes into the country’s interior.

Yet after WWII and the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Long paid a harsh price for his decision to stay in his adopted homeland, mainland China. Long was born in Hong Kong, so he held a British passport. He also had flown planes for the 14th Air Force Chinese-American Composite Wing, an arm of China’s nationalist government.
When Mao Zedong and his Communist Party seized power in China, both of these connections _ Long’s British passport and his collaboration with U.S. and nationalist forces _ came into question. At the start of China’s Cultural Revolution, the government stopped treating him like a war hero. Instead, according to his son, Long Wenjun, “they thought he was a spy.”

In a recent interview at his Chongqing apartment, Long Wenjun recounted the ups and downs of his father’s roller coaster life. From an early age, his father was a refugee, then a war hero, then an outcast and finally a hero again.

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Moment of Silence for Drowned Alumnus


McWay Falls at Big Sur. Wikipedia image


Courier Staff Report

Nearly 4,000 James Logan High School went quiet Monday during second period announcements, when Principal Abhi Brar invoked a moment of silence in memory of Medina Faraz, a 2013 Logan graduate, who died after falling off a cliff in Big Sur on Friday.

According to various reports, Faraz, 20, was walking along  the edge of a precipice above the ocean at McWay Falls, near Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in the Big Sur area of California’s central coast, when she fell and plunged into the water below.  After Monterey County Search and Rescue and California State Parks recovered the body,  officials made a preliminary finding that she drowned.


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Thousands head back to school

Courier Staff Report

About 3700 students showed up for the first day of the 2015-16 school year Wednesday.  School officials say the process went fairly smoothly.

New Principal Abhi Brar told The Courier Thursday that the roll-out of the new school year went well, except for a few problems with classrooms and identification cards.

Brar said that the opening of the school was smoothed by the work of about 25 parent volunteers, who helped hand out schedules in Colt Court and Memorial Square.  As a result, the line of students needing their schedules was largely eliminated by the 8:20 a.m. start of first period.  In previous years, hundreds of students waited for their schedules well into the school day.  Brar said helpers from the Educational Services Center, also known as the district office, also helped pare down the line.


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V.P. Brar Promoted to Principal


New James Logan Principal Abhi Brar photo:

Courier Staff Report

Vice Principal Abhi Brar will replace Amy McNamara as James Logan’s principal next year, assuming that the school board ratifies his selection.

Associate Superintendent Derek McNamara made the announce at a hastily arranged meeting in the Staff Lounge at 8 a.m.  The meeting was attended by teachers and other staff summoned to the voluntary meeting.  About 30 attended.

Flanked by current Principal Amy McNamara, who is leaving to take a management position in Acalanes Union High School District, Co-Superintendent Arlando Smith and Derek McNamara,  Brar said “I could not be happier” in brief comments after the announcement,  “I belong here.” (more…)

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Farewell, Seniors

By Yoselin Ontiveros, Courier Staff Writer

Photo by Yoselin Ontiveros



The James Logan High School 2014-15 Senior Class


As we reach the end of the year everyone becomes unsettled just waiting for summer to get here and finally catch up on some sleep. For the freshman, sophomores, and juniors a nice summer break waits for them, but for the seniors the real world is a few days away. This year seemed to have hit the seniors hard with many unexpected changes and just plain drama coming from practically anywhere. But as we reach the end of the year it is time to let got of all that because what seemed to be the biggest thing in the world yesterday will mean nothing tomorrow. Now it is the time to remember the good times.

Look back to freshman year standing there in Colt Court waiting in line to get your schedule, wearing the best outfit you were able to come up with. You meet up with your friends and begin to compare schedules, and got a little disappointed you did not have any class together like in middle school. Once the bell rang you began to feel jitters going all over your body, you said bye to your friends and head to your first period. Your first class in high school. As you went on through day maybe you got lost here and there but you realized high school was not that bad. At the same time you felt like you were going to be in high school forever. Now as a seniors going through your last classes of high school you wonder how did time go by so fast. Looking through the year book, all those pages are filled with life long memorizes. From now on high school will only be acrazy wonderful memory.

We did it. Remember to thank everyone who helped you get here. Your friends that stood by you through thick and thin. The teachers that helped you pass a class, or the teachers that were just plain cool and made school fun. The CST that kept you in class and not wandering the halls. Your councillors that stressed out every year trying to get you the classes you wanted and made sure you graduated. The cafeteria ladies for always being there to give us food. Our family who were also there to support us and make sure we were doing good in school all these years.

The end is here and graduation is a week away. When we hear our name and slowlymake our way up to the stage that will officially mark the end. The end of a part of ourlives but the beginning of a whole new world. With this I say goodbye to my felloweverlasting seniors.

Stay Golden.

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My Most Excellent Year, Many More to Come

By Amber McGee

Courier Staff Columnist



As the last day of school draws near now is the time for reflection. When thinking back to this year, whether it be your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, consider the positives and negatives. After overlooking all the major events, and even a few of the smaller ones, consider where this year would rank on a scale from the worst ever to the best ever. Ask yourself if there was anything you would change or anything you wouldn’t change for the world.

Ask yourself, was this My Most Excellent Year?


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On the Runway for President

By Sarah Bellal

Courier Fashion Columnist

(Note: This is a work of Satire)

With the 2016 United States presidential election right around the corner, the candidates are hot topics among both the young and old. Presidential fashion is an especially popular conversation starter.  Here’s how to dress like your favorite potential, past, and confirmed presidential candidates while remaining on-trend.


  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton

clinton - Edited (1)

Hillary_Rodham_ClintonHillary is so famous for the pantsuit it’s not even funny. Seriously. I’m writing this with a straight face. Switch out the career pants for a fitted trouser and the shoulder pads for a boyfriend blazer for a modern take on Hillary’s signature style.




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Senior Ditch Day… or Senior Epidemic?

By Supreme_Overlord

Courier Staff Reporter

James Logan High School is no stranger to mystery, scandal, and epidemic. On Tuesday, May 26th, a large portion of the senior class was absent from school. The cause of this sudden and unexpected event has yet to be confirmed, although many have speculated as to different reasons for the mass absence. Many absentees called in sick, leading some to believe that there was a widespread illness among the seniors. Several suspicious teachers believed those absent were participating in some ritualistic, social rite of passage that has been coined “Senior Ditch Day”. Innocent, unaffiliated bystander and Logan dropout Kumpleet Bee-Ess, for some unknown reason, commented, “Of course they weren’t ditching! Senior Ditch Day is a myth that the illuminati spread to give teachers a cover up for when they unleashed their artificially created virus onto the senior class.” As a Courier correspondent, I am choosing to wholeheartedly believe Bee-Ess and his speculations.

Here’s what some seniors did on Tuesday to get their minds off of the illness:

An anonymous student said, “I dmed my bestie to tell her I was sick, and SHE WAS SICK TOO, so we decided to go to Great America to cheer ourselves up. ASB was offering discounted tickets for some reason so that was just an added bonus on our road to recovery.”

“I went to Berkeley to do some hipster stuff and wound up in a smoke shop where the owner told me he had a cure for the senior epidemic, so I’ve been smoking it regularly since then.” – an student who simply identified as “Jer.”

“I quarantined myself and will not be leaving the confines of my house until the first semester of college starts and I’ve gotten the CDC to sanitize my surroundings.”- submission sent through email.

(Note: this is satire.)


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Principal McNamara Issues Statement on Departure


Principal Amy McNamara

Courier Staff Report

After announcing her departure from Logan to take an Associate Superintendent position in a Contra Costa County school district, Principal Amy McNamara sent the following statement to the Logan staff:
“The last 6 years have absolutely, without a doubt, been the highlight of my 18 year career in education. There has never been a day since I came to Logan when I have not gotten out of bed excited to come to work. There have been days I was looking forward to a fresh start from the day before (right?), but always I have loved my job, the teachers, the support staff, and, of course the amazing, brilliant students we have.


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McNamara Resigning; Heading to Acalanes Union as Associate Superintendent


Principal McNamara, center, walks to the Staff Lounge to announce she’s taken a job in another school district. Courier Staff Photo

by Courier Staff Reporter

James Logan High School will need a new principal next year, as current principal Amy McNamara this morning announced she’s leaving Logan to take an associate superintendent position with the Acalanes Union High School District.

McNamara made her emotional announcement at 8 a.m. today in the Staff Lounge.  About thirty teachers were there to hear her after they received email invitations to the announcement earlier in the morning.  She was flanked by Vice Principal Abhi Brar and House Principal Francis Rojas when she made the announcement.

McNamara said her hiring by Acalanes Union was approved by their board last night. Her current job will be “posted,” alerting would-be replacements to the availability of her job, as early as today, she said.


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