Marching Band’s Fight for Redemption

By Molly Troxclair, Entertainment Editorband02

The marching band and color guard will be attending a big regional competition this Saturday, the Bands of America (BOA) Regional at San Jose State.

The band and guard attended this competition for the first time last year, when it was held at American Canyon High School near Vallejo. They got fourth place out of ten last year, which came as a surprise to some of their competitors.  This year, they are hoping to come back and do better.

BOA is a lot different from what the band is used to. For instance, their warm up is much shorter, and, instead of performing once, they perform twice in one day.  

Rafael H., a junior who plays the bass drum, had a lot to say about these differences. “It’s a lot more different, but the break in between isn’t that bad.” He’s talking about the couple hour break they get in between their first and second performance. In this time, they get fed by the band boosters, parents and alumni who volunteer their time at practices at shows.

“It’s a whole different atmosphere.  I think, with practice, we can get a higher placing. The scoring is heavily based upon the winds [trumpets, saxophones, flutes, etc.], so it’s odd.”

As for the warm up, he says, “The warm up is weird because we can’t use a metronome, because it’s a distraction to the other bands. The warm up area is so small, too!!” In their warm up area, they are surrounded by up to 15 other groups, which all have up to 200 students.

Last year, they were 5 points short of first, and they are trying to redeem themselves this year.

Juan P., a clarinetist who is a junior talked a lot about last year’s experience. “[Last year] was just a normal run through, and was pretty solid. The first performance was better than the second for sure, though.”

About warm up, he agreed with Rafael, “It was somewhat distracting, but I could handle it, and so could most everyone else.”

On their 4th place ranking, he said, “The placement was surprising, but nothing totally traumatic or something. I think we can improve upon that and do better this year.”

The best of luck goes out to our marching band and guard, and we know they will make us proud no matter what!

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Child Abuse Accusations Towards Brad Pitt

By Margarita Garcia, Courier Staff Writer

Brad pitt, a famous actor and producer, has been recently accused of physical and verbal child, and people speculate that this possibly led the actress Angelina Jolie to filing divorce with Brad after 12 years.

This happened when he was flying on his private plane from France to the US. As his began he started to yell and get physical with his and Jolie’s children, as they were boarding the plane.

When the Pitt family landed witnessed say he continued his behavior and tried to leave in a truck.

The LA County department of Children and Family have not confirmed or denied this investigation, due to the “jurisdiction because the alleged incident occurred in the air, on a flight from France to the U.S.” according to TMZ.


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Clown Masks Removed from Shelves

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

Many retail stores, including Target, has removed clown masks from their shelves for Halloween season.

The whole clown situation started in the US started in the Carolina regions and spread across the US like a wildfire, much like wildfires in California. Target, huge retail store that is widely used and can be easily recognized by many Americans. It’s the second largest retailer behind Walmart, is the first to remove clown masks from its shelves.  If the clowns are a hoax then the joke went way too far and is a serious threat. If the clown group is a serious threat than many people are in deep trouble

Target is taking a bold and thoughtful decision to take down all creepy clown masks of the shelves, and the masks are no longer available for purchase. With this they are stopping a big problem before it sparks.  Many people are going to be upset if they keep on selling the clown masks, which are now a temporary “terrorist” threat as clowns are causing social unrest and turmoil in certain areas across the U.S.


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It Is the Time for Warriors!

By Jordan McGlory, Courier Staff Writer

The Golden State warriors have been looking red hot lately, as they step on their journey to claim the throne.

They are considered the “bad guys” of the league because of all the talent on the team, as they are predicted to win it all this year by most people. The Warriors have been an impressive and good team for the past couple of years, with multiple playoff appearances and have recently won the NBA finals. Except last year, when they blew a 3-1 lead in a series with the Cavaliers. It was the season that fell short since they just beat the record for most wins in a season beating the Bulls 1996 72-10 record. They were the first team to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals ever.


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OPINION: Hillary Clinton, Go to Jail!

By Horace Assar, Courier Staff Writer

The presidential election is always an eye-opening experience, and this year is no exception.

If you have been following up with this year’s candidates, namely, Hillary Clinton, then you may have started to think that you’re being brainwashed by the Democratic party and possibly the media, i.e., CNN.  This opinion piece is going to give my personal opinion regarding Hillary Clinton and why she is unfit to be the next President of the United States of America.

  1. Hillary Clinton has a great political career. False.

Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena by the FBI. It was a form of corruption and caused the deaths of 4 people – Americans – in a US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

  1. Bill Clinton was wrongfully accused of rape. False.

Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary Clinton, has a history of raping women, one of which was Jaunita Broaddrick. Hillary Clinton threatened these women and told them not to speak out, going against the public mindset of Hillary Clinton supporting women and encouraging them to speak out on being rape victims.


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Girl Love: The iiSuperwomanii Revolution

By Karina Patel, Courier Features Editor

lilly-singhWith almost one million subscriptions Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh is one of the most successful YouTuber’s in the world. From her own clothing line to her comical videos, she truly has become the “Superwoman” of the YouTube industry. This Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress started her channel in October of 2010 under the pseudonym “iiSuperwomanii.” She has inspired many girls and woman with her advice, now she’s started the newest segment called “Girl Love”. Her campaign against girl-on-girl hate is truly taking the idea of loving yourself and your kind to the next level.

She first revolutionized this concept of Girl Love on July 17, 2016, with a promotional video that truly left the viewers with their mouth wide open. The video displays various televisions playing commercials and programs that are meant to put women down. She then uses a bat labeled #GirlLove to smash the televisions into pieces. She labeled this video “Goodbye Hate and Hello Girl Love.” In efforts to pursue the campaign, she has already posted four segments lifting up the spirits of some many women and inspiring young girls to do the same


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ICL Holds Hunger Games Run

By Lilah Wimbish, Courier Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, October 12, ICL (Institute of Community Leaders) held a Hunger Games run. The event was created to bring all ICL students together for a fun after-school activity. picture-2

School staff members set up a small obstacle course in the 200’s courtyard and had ICL students participate in a friendly competition. The students competed in relay races, hula hoop contests, and a game called caterpillar. Students were then rewarded with ice cream after participating in the competition.

ICL student, Marlene, who attended the event, said that The Hunger Games Run had a small turnout, but it was overall an enjoyable event.

A student favorite seemed to be the hula hoop relay race, in which students had to walk through cones and back while hula hooping. (more…)

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The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Introduces a New Side to the Artist

By Amanda Anabeza, Courier Staff Writer

the-weekndCanadian singer, songwriter, and producer, known as The Weeknd, announced the debut of his new album, “Starboy”, expected to be released on November 25, 2016.

The day before the lead single “Starboy” was released, The Weeknd tweeted a photo of the album cover which soon received a lot of attention. In the picture, there is one thing that seems to stand out to his fans. Where did his hair go? He seems to have cut his hair to symbolize a new chapter for his music.

His collaboration with Daft Punk, French electronic duo, also suggests the beginning of The Weeknd’s new sound. He decides it’s time to stray from his usual dark R&B vibes that he has been known for over the past few years. His last album, “Beauty Behind the Madness” went multi-platinum. Can he do it again with “Starboy”?


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Club Spotlight: Junior Taiwanese American Student Association

By Cat De Leon, Courier Assistant Sports Editor

img_9317The Junior Taiwanese American Student Association is a high school based organization in different parts of California. This year, JTASA was brought to James Logan.

JTASA, for short, helps to increase awareness of Taiwanese Culture in the school and community. It helps unify, connect, and strengthen the Taiwanese American community by providing opportunities and training for high school students to become future leaders.

President, and James Logan senior, Bethany Lin, hopes to help students identify with their Taiwanese heritage and encourage students to become active and responsible citizens in their society. She was inspired to bring JTASA to Logan after visiting Taiwan as a volunteer to teach English. She said, “Since I brought a sense of the U.S there, I got inspired to bring Taiwan here.”


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Alessia Cara to Sing “Here,” More Hits in San Francisco Tonight

Note: The Courier has been given free tickets to attend tonight’s show for promotional considerations.

Courier Staff Report

Canadian singer Alessia Cara rolls into San Francisco’s Masonic auditorium tonight, supporting her debut album, Know it All.

The 20-year-old is, perhaps, best known for her current single from the album, “Scars to Your Beautiful,” and “Here,” her breakout viral video. “Scars” charted at number 46 on Billboard’s U.S. Hot 100, and 18 on the publication’s U.S. Mainstream Top 40.

Eschewing the usual pop glitz and glamor, Cara relies on her powerful and soulful voice, and a sort of anti-glamor, accept-yourself-for-who-you-are theme.

This is her second trip to the Bay Area this year. She performed at the Fillmore Auditorium back in February, a show attended and reviewed by Courier staff reporter Jannet Rodriguez, using tickets supplied by the show’s promoter, who wrote: “Alessia Cara is taking over, and she is spreading such good messages about self acceptance. I would definitely recommend you attend one of her shows on her second leg of the Know-It-All tour.”

Excellent tickets are still available. Sets by Ruth B and Nathan Sykes will precede Cara’s performance.

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