Netflix Series Review: “Stranger Things” Captivating, Exciting

By Mary-Kay Jimenez, Courier News Editor

The 80’s themed Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has gained a lot of attention since stranger-thingsits release this summer.

The series was released on July 15th and has gained quite a lot of popularity since then.  It consists of 8 episodes that range from 52-55 minutes long.  Almost more than half of the cast was born after 2001.  The actors, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Caleb McLaughlin are what make the show lively. You may know Winona Ryder, an iconic 90’s actress known for playing a role in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.  Her hysterical, chill worthy acting in this series will leave you with goosebumps. (more…)

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New Studio Brings Life to Program

By Michael Morales, Courier Sports Editor

The Electronic Media Production Program (EMP) has received a new studio equipped with new green screens, computers, video switching boards and an audio room. This new studio is vital to the school as it will make broadcasting important news possible

emplab-jpgMany current year EMP students are excited to start shooting in the new studio. One of the EMP instructors, Michael Foster is very grateful for the new studio, saying “I think it’s amazing, really happy that it got finished it’s important that we have an audio recording studio which we haven’t had before, the facilities are much nicer and it’s about time we’ve had an upgrade”. As an EMP student myself (video switcher), I cannot wait to start working in the new studio. We had a week to run Logan Live last year, and found it difficult to work with the dated equipment, since it made the broadcast not the best that it could be.  The Logan Live broadcasts should begin this Monday.


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Movie Review: “Don’t Breathe” Suspenseful, Thrilling

By Amanda Anabeza, Courier Staff Writer

“Don’t Breathe” is the must-see thriller of 2016. Director Fede Alvarez’s newest film is an intense game of cat and mouse with twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Image result for don't breatheJane Levy stars as Rocky alongside her two companions, Alex (Dylan Minette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto). The three thieves in Detroit get by with their organized system of stealing from wealthy people. Once it comes to their attention that there is a blind veteran sitting on a major cash settlement, they jump at the intriguing opportunity. Little do they know what they are getting themselves into.

They learn that the blind man (Stephen Lang), happens to live in a rather abandoned neighborhood. The young adults, of course, make the easy mistake of underestimating the situation. They carry on with their twisted plan, with hopes to use the load of cash to move away and start a better life. (more…)

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Coach Webb, Hanging up the Spikes

By Izabella Gonzalez, Courier Staff Writerstaff-leewebb

Coach Lee Webb will no longer be coaching track and field after 32 years. He coaches cross country as well, and plans to continue for two more years.

Webb has contributed much to track and field as well as the school itself in the time he’s been here. In addition to his long and impressive resume, he has also largely impacted the students he’s worked with. Lilia Guerrero, a senior who’s been in cross country and track and field all through high school, says “He has basically shaped me as a person, because I can tell he really cares about his student athletes.”

Webb sees track and field as “another outlet to help people. In the meantime some of them win scholarships. Those are good rewards.”Coach Webb’s accomplishments as a coach is that he has led our track and field team to twenty-seven North Coast Section girls titles and twenty-three for the boys. (more…)

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Math Mentoring Program

img_9152By Matthew WongCourier Staff Writer

Math Mentoring is a program designed to help students in need with math or need community service hours at James Logan high school. It’s founding was by Mr. Prucha, a math teacher at the school.

The Math Mentor program is used by James Logan’s students every year to improve their learning and understanding of math. The tutors of the program are also Logan’s students that benefit from the community service hours the duty provides. The program is useful, but requires student to be committed to the program. The students that need the help have to meet their tutors at least twice a week. The best part for students is that they can meet on their own time. By being a mentor, students are able to satisfy their community service graduation requirements of 20 hours. These are the reason why Leslie SanRoman, a junior of James Logan high school, joined the program,” I joined the program because my friends needed help and I found out I was good at it, and I need community service hours.” Many students have tried it and helped them improve their learning of math. You can join as a student or as a tutor by going to “ to sign up.

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Senior’s Petition Declined

3001a14dab9a3ae518d029f49f7dac31By Adriana Elias, Entertainment Staff Writer

James Logan High School released the school wide homecoming theme to students on Wednesday, September 14. Many seniors were disappointed to learn that their last school spirit theme would be “Logan Goes To Hogwarts,” all revolving around the boy with the lightning scar- Harry Potter.

Some seniors responded to this by writing up a petition to change the theme to something else, such as the 90’s or Disney. Many seniors were outraged that their ASB officers chose Harry Potter to be this years theme


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Logan Girls Wear Makeup for Selves, Others



By Kayla Hernandez, Courier Staff Writer

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” ― Tyra Banks

Some girls at Logan say that, just like Tyra Banks, wearing makeup give them confidence and comfort within  themselves, but have different perspectives on what makeup they like putting on.

“I use makeup for fun but mostly use it to cover my flaws up..” said Logan junior Aaliyah Berrow, “It’s worth baking your face, since I do put on makeup everyday, and I do it because it makes me feel like Beyoncé right after.”

Everybody is different in their own way and many go for other types of looks in the book, whether it goes from fashion to beauty to style to many other numerous things. It’s easy to go on a website and search up a pleasant look for the season but what does it actually say about a person and why they follow the most popular trends.

Numerous others,  like Aaliyah, put makeup on for fun and to cover up “flaws”,  but other girls  just go for the simple Chapstick and mascara look.  Senior Fabiola Garcia said, “I don’t think makeup really shows real beauty, since I think beauty is something that inspires you to be yourself.  Makeup can do that, but not as much as being you and expressing yourself through your personality.”

Nicole Pimentel, a senior,  wears makeup as a daily routine and aims for a natural look. “I wake up everyday in the morning and put on foundation, mascara, and lightly color in my eyebrows,” she said, “Sometimes I even put on eyeshadow, but it’s rare. I go for a more natural look.”


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Logan Celebrates Mexican Independence Day

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

The celebration included the destruction of a piñata. Photo by Carlos Velasco.

The celebration included the destruction of a piñata.
Photo by Carlos Velasco.

Mexican Independence day is being celebrated here at Logan and is gaining recognition as a fun day.

Students and staff celebrated the day, Sept. 16,  around campus with loud celebratory music and dancing with chants. This event was put together by MECHA, whose “key focus is getting Latino students into college,”  said Mexican-American Heritage teacher Gabriela Esquivez,

Senior Samuel Esquivez, a nephew of Gabriela Esquivez,   said the event is done to “raise awareness of the day because people mistake Mexican Independence Day for Cinco De Mayo.” He said he thinks the celebration is pretty effective in raising awareness. “Latinos and other ethnicities like it too,” he said.

His favorite part of the celebration is the Aztec Dancing.

Mrs. Esquivez saids the celebration can improve if “teachers spread the word to students.” Then the event could be bigger and better and more appreciated.

The celebration’s dances, food,  pinata, and  environment may have made some  feel like they weren’t in a school, but an outdoor party filled with friends and good times.


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Frank Ocean’s New “Blonde” Enigmatic, Experimental, Personal

By Sarah Chawla, Courier Staff Writer

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated sophomore album, entitled Blonde,  is a more personal and experimental effoceanblondeort than his last one.

The title Blonde is inconsistent with the album art which says “Blond”.  Some assume that this is a reference to his bisexuality, since “blond” is the male version and “blonde” is the female version.  Others assume that it symbolizes the fact that Frank embodies both masculine and feminine traits.

In addition to the title, the project includes many other dualities, one being his two track lists.  Frank released a magazine which contained a different tracklist than the one on Apple Music. There are a few songs that are exclusive to the version they’re on, but most of the songs are the same.  Although he hasn’t explicitly stated the reason for this, fans have multiple theories.  One fan, Ron Gonzalez Jr. assumes the two versions are dedicated to two separate love interests.

Throughout the project, Frank maintained mystery among his fans and even his collaborators. A keyboardist that worked with Frank, Buddy Ross, spoke on his experience.  He said he went to the studio, played his part, and didn’t know what his contribution was going to sound like until the album was released. (more…)

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School Concerned About Falling AP Scores

By Bryce Liao, Courier Managing Editor

AP exam scores have been falling increasingly over the past few years at Logan.pic

At the start of the school year, principal Abhi Brar held a meeting with all AP teachers to discuss ways to improve the current situation. The teachers noted that some classes experienced dramatic increases in the number of students, but more students did not pass.

Typically, a full length AP High School course teaches a year’s worth of College-level material, and traditional restrictions have barred a number of students from taking these challenging AP courses. However, in recent years, the number of AP students has been increasing dramatically, partly due to the open enrollment policy.

Ms Nguyen, an AP Calculus AB teacher, says, “Open enrollment has given students more opportunities to take higher level classes, and also more opportunities to take AP exams. This seems good at first, but it opens the gate to students who maybe [have not] fully met the prerequisites for the class.”

An anonymous student agrees with that idea, stating, “Open enrollment results in classes filled with incompetent students and dilutes the difficulty and ‘advanced’ status of the class. This obviously lowers the average score as not everyone has the ability to learn, retain, and study material for the AP test.”

An interesting correlation between AP scores and class grades showed that some students did not have As in the class, but still aced the AP exam, while other students with high grades did not pass the AP Exam. This suggests the possibility of classes not exactly aligned with the AP test, causing some students to sacrifice their class grade in order to self-study more relevant material. (more…)

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