Newsom Wins Big At Stanford Invitational, Moves Up 38 Spots In One Year

By Kayla Martinez

Entertainment Editor


Senior Cross Country runner Alexandra Newsom made her team and school proud last week after winning first place at the Stanford Invitational, a rigorous 5k race that Logan has participated in for several years.

During her junior year Newsom attended the Invitational and came in 39th at around twenty minutes. This year she came in first with a time of 17:57, an amazing time and rank jump.

Newson came across very humble about her achievements, which includes breaking the James Logan mile record at 4:58.

She referred to the race as “one of the fastest Invitationals we’ve ever been to”, “really difficult”, and “scary.”

“My coach always told me that I could do it, and then once I actually [did] it, [it was] more like something I couldn’t have accomplished.”

When asked if running has changed her as a person, she said, “It really has. It’s given me a real sense of responsibility and punctuality, and when I was a freshman I skipped a lot of meets and practices, and running kind of formed me into the person I am today, more responsible and overall a better person.”


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Students Struggle Learning How To Budget And Save Money

By Danielle Israde

Courier Staff Reporter

Many teenagers struggle to budget and save their money.

For a lot of them it is because they are given money from their parents, and don’t understand the hard work and discipline needed to earn it. At the same time, others are compelled to change their money into a more materialistic entity.

Mia Neece, a senior, gets money from her parents. Although Mia tends to spend money rather than save as soon she gets it, she does recognize the importance of budgeting. She states, “It’s more important that we learn how to figure out money so we don’t get off track, or come up short.”As a way to start saving she plans to not excessively buy things anymore.


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Weekly Reader: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)

By Quentin Monasterial

Courier Staff Reporter, Columnist

The anticipation for the fourth installment in the Throne of Glass series, written by Sarah J. Mass, has been building up over the past year like the water in a dam. This series’s fandom screams for this book like kids scream for ice cream on a blistering day, and yes, that includes me too.

Despite my growing skepticism for hyped books, Sarah J. Maas’ do not disappoint. In a truly commendable feat, Maas continues to nurture the sheer brilliance of the series four books later.

Leaving off from the Heir of Fire, Maas forces the reader to take a stand with Aelin as she transitions from her life as an assassin to a life of royalty.

After spending time away from her tyrannical home country, Aelin, more commonly known as Calaena, returns to confront her past, and to hopefully set down a path that holds a brighter future. To do that she must take down the King that murdered her family and enshrouded the entire continent in his dark reign.

Throughout the story readers get to witnessing the dumbfounding plans Aelin formulates and manages to execute. Their flawlessness stretch the limits of possibility, and make mysteries themselves seem unmysterious.


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Logan Suffers from Bad Wi-fi

By Chloe Eames 

Courier Staff Reporter

Last week here at James Logan High School there had been some complaints as to the wi-fi not working well for many of Logan’s Administration Staff as well as Logan’s students.

According to many of the students there were a number of complaints as to not being able to use the internet nor being able to log into their Q accounts. Many of the teachers had to be appointed into using a new URL so that they could be able to enter many of their grades.

Mr. Brar had stated, “ There are two main problems that Logan Has been experiencing since last year-internet connection and a non-working server- James Logan staff has had to work very hard to make sure that their students get the resources that they needed.”

It was also said that the school has placed a router in each and every classroom on campus so that it would make the connection go far more quicker and easier.

Logan’s wi-fi is said to be back up due to the school’s wi-fi network now being connected to Alameda County’s wifi network.

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Wii U Sales Fall Through

By Salvador Garcia

Courier Staff Reporter

In the year 2012, Nintendo released a new console called Wii U. The Wii U isn’t very successful, It has sold poorly so far and is one of the worst Nintendo consoles in terms of sales.  

Sony and Microsoft released the next generation consoles in 2013 immediately. This is nothing unusual except that they sold more consoles than the Wii U in two months.

Nintendo has sold so terribly recently that they decided to not compete with Sony or Microsoft. This is a huge disappointment for Nintendo fans as all they want is a console that can compete equally like they did back in the day.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-aime said “You don’t need the best graphics to have fun”, I totally agree, except it’s not a good way to attract new gamers. Nintendo Wii U’s graphics are a whole generation behind and i think it’s one reason why it’s not doing well.


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Logan Steps in on Coastal Cleanup Day

By Raizel Ochoa 

Courier Staff Reporter Coastal Cleanup-Logan students at Civ Center 9-20-15 (1)

Many sea animals are exposed to our wastes that we leave behind because a trash can is too far. Our poor actions are horrid to these animals and even to our environment.

Nobody would want to live in a place full of used napkins and filthy glass bottles. Plastic bags are disguised as jelly fish for turtles, such as leatherback turtles, to consume, believing that they are curing their hunger, when they are actually killing themselves. Birds are also victims of this world problem.

Three weeks ago, Ms. Childers and some volunteers helped better our environments conditions along the Union City creek trail. All had a great time walking around with garbage bags, cleaning the setting.

Each student carried a trash picker & gloves. Thirty-eight (more…)

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Pope’s Visit To America Gets Students Talking

By Zackary Nichols 

Courier Staff Reporter

daaaa pope

Pope Francis arrived in Washington DC from Vatican City last week, becoming the seventh papal to visit the United States, and the third to visit the White House.

Earlier this year Pope Francis helped restore diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. The Pope’s visit to the United States came immediately after a visit to Cuba.

On his first day, the Pope spoke to a crowd of over eleven thousand people on the White House South Lawn, where his discussed climate change and religious and racial tolerance.

Later the Pope visited Congress, the first time a Pope has ever done so. The Pope electrified the room with a speech calling for action on poverty, capital punishment policy, and climate change. Pope Francis also called for equality and for people to follow “Golden Rule.”


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Empire: TV Review

By Alexandra Tenorio

Courier Staff ReporterEmpire_(2015_TV_series)-Logo

Empire recently started its second season. It airs every single Wednesday on FOX.  A lot of people have been dying to watch it. About 16.2 million of the world’s population watched the first episode of the second season, just by that statistic it’s clear that it’s a really popular show. One thing a lot of people were excited to see who was gonna star in the second season. Only a couple of people have came out so far but rumors say that there will be more new stars throughout the season.


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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Best Car Ever?


The 2016 Mazda Miata

By Brian O’Neil, Courier Chief Photographer

 You cannot hide from the inevitable, and when the inevitable confronts you in the form of a Miata connoisseur at your local car meet, asking the question “what do you think of Miatas?” with his undertone of self-assuredness, as if he knows you will say you adore them, you may not know how to reply.

Do not immediately conjure thoughts of the stereotypical, tiny, underpowered Miata of decades past; instead think of the latest, 2016 Miata. With time comes experience, and with the Miata platform, Mazda has had twenty-six years to perfect their art. Mazda’s latest installment of the Miata platform comes with all the basic essentials Miata enthusiasts have come to expect out of a Miata: rear wheel drive, manual gear box, and, of course, fifty-fifty weight distribution.

For those of us who do not know what fifty-fifty weight distribution is, essentially it is when the weight in the front of the vehicle is equal to the weight in the rear. To showcase this in their 2016 Miata, Mazda devised what is essentially a 700 pound, steel teeter-totter for the car to be pushed upon and then balanced upon. Amazingly the men and women at Mazda accomplished this feat, and to top it all off, they balanced the Miata while a driver was present in the cockpit.


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Work On Homecoming Floats Begins

By Katelyne Montemayor & Natasha Lopez

Courier Staff Reporters


Junior float members pose with some of their work. Photo by Natasha Lopez, Courier Staff Reporter

Now that class themes have been announced, students are hard at work on the floats that will represent their class at Homecoming.

The freshman’s theme is Men in Black.

Mili Gupta, a freshman, says, “I’m happy with our theme. Men in Black is one of my favorite movies and I can’t wait to see how the float turns out.”

Jinny Jugarap, also a freshman, didn’t share the same enthusiasm. “I don’t really care that much about how the Freshmen float turns out.” She added, “My teachers didn’t really talk about it.”

The sophomore’s theme is The Twilight Zone.

Nilofar Beg, a sophomore, says, “I’m excited for our class theme. The Twilight Zone was a really good show.”

Fellow sophomore Tracy Chi noted, “The Twilight Zone had different stories for each episode. That means there are a lot of possibilities as to what the float will look like once it’s finished.”


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