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V.P. Brar Promoted to Principal


New James Logan Principal Abhi Brar photo:

Courier Staff Report

Vice Principal Abhi Brar will replace Amy McNamara as James Logan’s principal next year, assuming that the school board ratifies his selection.

Associate Superintendent Derek McNamara made the announce at a hastily arranged meeting in the Staff Lounge at 8 a.m.  The meeting was attended by teachers and other staff summoned to the voluntary meeting.  About 30 attended.

Flanked by current Principal Amy McNamara, who is leaving to take a management position in Acalanes Union High School District, Co-Superintendent Arlando Smith and Derek McNamara,  Brar said “I could not be happier” in brief comments after the announcement,  “I belong here.” (more…)

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Farewell, Seniors

By Yoselin Ontiveros, Courier Staff Writer

Photo by Yoselin Ontiveros



The James Logan High School 2014-15 Senior Class


As we reach the end of the year everyone becomes unsettled just waiting for summer to get here and finally catch up on some sleep. For the freshman, sophomores, and juniors a nice summer break waits for them, but for the seniors the real world is a few days away. This year seemed to have hit the seniors hard with many unexpected changes and just plain drama coming from practically anywhere. But as we reach the end of the year it is time to let got of all that because what seemed to be the biggest thing in the world yesterday will mean nothing tomorrow. Now it is the time to remember the good times.

Look back to freshman year standing there in Colt Court waiting in line to get your schedule, wearing the best outfit you were able to come up with. You meet up with your friends and begin to compare schedules, and got a little disappointed you did not have any class together like in middle school. Once the bell rang you began to feel jitters going all over your body, you said bye to your friends and head to your first period. Your first class in high school. As you went on through day maybe you got lost here and there but you realized high school was not that bad. At the same time you felt like you were going to be in high school forever. Now as a seniors going through your last classes of high school you wonder how did time go by so fast. Looking through the year book, all those pages are filled with life long memorizes. From now on high school will only be acrazy wonderful memory.

We did it. Remember to thank everyone who helped you get here. Your friends that stood by you through thick and thin. The teachers that helped you pass a class, or the teachers that were just plain cool and made school fun. The CST that kept you in class and not wandering the halls. Your councillors that stressed out every year trying to get you the classes you wanted and made sure you graduated. The cafeteria ladies for always being there to give us food. Our family who were also there to support us and make sure we were doing good in school all these years.

The end is here and graduation is a week away. When we hear our name and slowlymake our way up to the stage that will officially mark the end. The end of a part of ourlives but the beginning of a whole new world. With this I say goodbye to my felloweverlasting seniors.

Stay Golden.

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My Most Excellent Year, Many More to Come

By Amber McGee

Courier Staff Columnist



As the last day of school draws near now is the time for reflection. When thinking back to this year, whether it be your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, consider the positives and negatives. After overlooking all the major events, and even a few of the smaller ones, consider where this year would rank on a scale from the worst ever to the best ever. Ask yourself if there was anything you would change or anything you wouldn’t change for the world.

Ask yourself, was this My Most Excellent Year?


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