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Netflix Series Review: “Narcos” Season 2

By Vianca Mercado, Courier Staff Writer

Bloody, brutal, enlightening and even addictive are just some of the words that can be used to describe the second narcosseason of the Netflix original series ‘Narcos’.

‘Narcos’ is based on the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, a drug lord who has the ability to kill thousands of people, and sell cocaine for high prices

The first season of ‘Narcos’ is centered on the rise of Escobar. There is money, power, and triumph all wrapped into one season

However, in the second season of ‘Narcos’, we start to see Escobar’s downfall. Los Pepes, a death squad created by the Cali Cartel, along with personnel from the DEA, slowly bring Escobar down, starting with killing his men, one by one.

‘Narcos’ does a great job in making the audience feel as if they were a part of the action. It is able to show how Escobar goes from glory to terror with suspense, drama, and action.

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Chromebook That Lasts a Week

By Jordan McGlory, Courier Staff Writer

The bad endurance of Google Chrome laptops leads to people questioning about school district’s decision.

Google Chromebooks distributed by school district

Google Chromebooks distributed by school district

New Haven Unified School District supplied new Google Chrome laptops to all their students two years ago to improve and speed up students’ learning. However, some student’s Chromebooks have been getting seriously damaged and in need of expensive replacements. Insurance and Chromebook cases can protect the Chromebooks to some extent, but the cost of these extra protection defeats the purpose of supply free laptops. It leaves us with the question, “Are Chromebooks really worth it?”


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New Color Guard Captains Appointed

By Cat De Leon, Courier Staff Writer

Alvarez, Robinson, Masulit and Lee named as captains for upcoming color guard season.img_4915

Color guard instructor, Mark Metzer, hand-selected captains for each sections: Rifle, Flag, and Sabre. As well, selected an overall captain, Toni Alvarez, who said she is excited to see the growth in the program as a whole. She said he believes he chose her as an overall captain to “carry out his words.” This season she wants to lead by example and keep structure within the guard.

Rifle Captain, Ryan Robinson, said “I’m excited to perform my last year with friends.” He said his improvement in guard and leadership skills helped him achieve captain this season. He is the only male senior and hopes to be influential to the guard by being helpful and respectful while teaching his skills. He can’t wait to see the guard succeed. (more…)

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The Fuss in the First Presidential Debate

By Mary-Kay FloydCourier News Editor

No doubt, the first presidential debate, which took place on Monday, the 26th was a little messy.

Over 80 million Americans watched on TV, plus an extra 2 million watched by livestream on YouTube.  The debate trump-and-hillary-debatetook place at Hofstra University in New York, Long Island.

Let’s start with the word, “stamina.”  Trump decided to take a poke at Clinton when asked what he meant when he said that Hillary doesn’t carry the “presidential look.”

“She doesn’t have the look, she doesn’t have the stamina.  I said she doesn’t have the stamina… And I don’t believe she does have the stamina.  To be president of this country, you need to have tremendous stamina,” said the Republican candidate.

Many people felt that was a repetitive statement.

“Trump was getting really repetitive throughout the entire debate,” said Adela Villapando, a Logan student. (more…)

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Logan Student Wins Best-in-Show Award at the Alameda County Fair

By Elizabeth Rodriquez, Courier Staff Writer

Many artists entered the Alameda County Fair Art show and James Logan High School senior, Jacqueline Rajerison, won the Best-In-Show award.

The winning art piecscreenshot-2016-09-28-at-5-35-05-pme surely caught the eye of the observers these past months. “Instantly rewarding to the viewer- this appeals to the eye in both color and in design,” stated the Alameda County Fair. One can see this piece of art is surely eye-catching. A bold profile photo of the artist herself with detailed swirls flowing from thick and vibrant to fine flowing lines that somewhat resemble water. It was no shock to James Logan Digital Arts teacher, Debra Collins, that her student Jacquie would surely win, “Honestly, I would’ve been surprised if she didn’t get any of the higher awards.”

Hearing her art would be displayed was such a great moment for Jacquie. “I was shocked and ecstatic! I felt incredibly honored and still do.” The difference between knowing her art would be displayed and actually witnessing it being displayed made her feel an immense gratitude. It was a “wonderful surprise of being recognized. What could I have possibly done to deserve such an honor? I’m just amazed at being recognized for my art.” (more…)

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Opinion: Trump or Clinton, What a Race

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

Have a different view? Willing to write about it? Let us know.

A question many adults who can vote are asking themselves is whether they’re going to vote for Clinton or Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Both Clinton and Trump are the candidates who debated on Sept. 26th. Many people who usually vote democrat hands down are voting for Trump just because of how in the dark we are about Clinton and her life.

Trump is a candidate many, including myself, find completely and utterly ineligible to run for the presidency, but he does have a mass following. Many speculate that the only reason he has a mass, dominantly white, following is because he is the “American Dream”.

From what he’s told us and what we actually know; he’s rich out of his mind, has dated plenty of supermodels and actresses in his day but has also gotten his heart broken a lot as well. (more…)

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Resident Evil 7 Trailers Spark Interests of True Horror Fans

By Carlos Velasco, Courier Chief Photographer

resident-evil-7Dark red blood covers the walls of the house. You’re walking through a long hallway, come to a door and it flings open and you’re met by a 7 foot, bandage covered monster.

“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is the seventh installment of the Resident Evil franchise, developed and published by Capcom. In the previous games, they’ve started to drift away from real horror and the fear of what lurks around the corner, and turned it into zombies relentlessly trying to eat you; but in this game, they’ve returned back to minimal HUD, dark rooms, and vast environments.

In this edition of the game, you have to make your way through a house in which the owners have had some sort of evil spirit infect all aspects of it. The people who have died there become part of an undead family from what we can gather. The house has multiple areas and secret passages. The game will have an ending based on decisions you make while playing it, similar to “Until Dawn” which came out last year. (more…)

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GoGuardian Incites Controversy

By Nathalie Lum, Courier Sports Editor

goguardianThe privacy of multiple Logan students has now been breached, as Logan teachers incorporate a new laptop surveillance system into their classrooms.

GoGuardian is a program that allows teachers to access and view what students are doing on their computers. One of its key features is the ability to lock any student´s Chromebook while they are logged into their school email. Both students and teachers have differing views about the effects of GoGuardian.

Students, for the most part, disagree with the use of GoGuardian. Many of them have negative attitudes towards the software. ¨I think it´s doing too much,¨ says Hannah Garzota, a senior. ¨I get that some kids will go off topic on their laptops but it´s unnecessary.¨ There are also some students who hold very strong oppositions towards GoGuardian. ¨They [the teachers] don´t have the right to use it because students deserve their privacy,¨ states Kaitlyn Tamondong, a senior. The general consensus among students is that they feel uncomfortable knowing that teachers have the power to view all their internet activity. Possibly, students are more inclined to feel opposition to GoGuardian due to their desire to use their school laptops for personal entertainment. However, this negative opinion is not held by everyone. (more…)

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Ready, Set, Emmys

By Karina Patel, Entertainment Editor

emmys-kimmel-435Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel brings his sense of humor on the Emmys stage. On September 18, 2016, the humor and heartfelt speeches set just the tone for a successful show and entertainment the viewers themselves. The men and women of the TV and movie industry showed just why the Emmy’s are one of the most watched awards shows in the nation with about  17.8 million viewers on just the premiere date.


The Emmy’s has been the most talked about award show for America’s best-known shows and movies. Some make history and some win as first timers and some simply just won again. Nominations for House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Black-ish, Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars, and Project Runway were just a few of many well-known shows that got  disappointed when the award was given to another well-deserved competitor. A popular well-known show won twelve awards just that Sunday night, Game of Thrones  is now the most awarded scripted series in Emmy history. Another show setting history on the stage of Emmy’s is The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story  with 22 nominations and scoring a win for Outstanding Limited Series, but the story-lines are not the only things that get the credit, what really make these movies and television show award winners are the people who play the parts. Actors and actresses not only win the hearts of their viewers on-screen but off-screen as well. Actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave a heartfelt speech at the Emmy’s  dedicated to her father who died just two days before the Emmy premiere. “I’m so glad that he liked me because his opinion was the one that really mattered,” says the actress. The speech brought tears to the actress’ eyes and her fellow actors and actresses attending the shows and the viewers watching from their home.


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ICL Students Visit Notre Dame High School

By Lilah Wimbish, ICL Correspndant

A group of ICL students and teachers visited Notre Dame High School in San Jose on September 20th. The students were part of ICL’s Student Leadership Group (SLG). screenshot-2016-09-26-at-10-16-14-pm

SLG is a group of students that go on field trips to speaker events and discuss current events with the speaker and other schools across the Bay Area.

The students listened to Doctor Clarence Benjamin Jones, a former veteran, and defending lawyer for Martin Luther King who contributed to the famous “I Have A Dream” speech.  Doctor Jones discussed his personal experience with racism from the 1930’s to now. He spoke with students and teachers about the Black Lives Matter movement and 49er’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who decided to not stand for the National Anthem in order to bring light to the racism in our country. The SLG group also got to talk with other schools and address that racism is our biggest problem in society.

The Student Leadership Group wants students to build a community with other schools and also among themselves. (more…)

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