New James Logan Principal Abhi Brar photo: Jameslogan.org

Courier Staff Report

Vice Principal Abhi Brar will replace Amy McNamara as James Logan’s principal next year, assuming that the school board ratifies his selection.

Associate Superintendent Derek McNamara made the announce at a hastily arranged meeting in the Staff Lounge at 8 a.m.  The meeting was attended by teachers and other staff summoned to the voluntary meeting.  About 30 attended.

Flanked by current Principal Amy McNamara, who is leaving to take a management position in Acalanes Union High School District, Co-Superintendent Arlando Smith and Derek McNamara,  Brar said “I could not be happier” in brief comments after the announcement,  “I belong here.”

Derek McNamara said that a daunting process of interviews, written responses, and walks through the campus had made it clear that Brar was the top candidate to the search committee, which forwarded his name, among unnamed others, for consideration by the district’s two superintendents, who confirmed the choice of Brar. The school board still needs to confirm the choice of Brar, but that is a near certainty, McNamara said.

Outgoing Principal Amy McNamara, who brought Brar with her from her previous job when she became principal, said she was also pleased by the choice.

Brar thanked the staff for their love and support, noting that several teachers had advocated for him.  “I love the people I work with and I love the people I work for,” he said.

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