By Ajuni Kaur

Courier Staff Reporter

Global Glimpse is a movement that focuses on broadening the horizon of educational opportunities overseas. With the help of different high school students, this non-profit organization aids the underprivileged in offshore countries.

The movement believes that in order to understand any circumstance and gain a better knowledge of global issues one must have first hand experience. Violence, poverty, inequality, and corruption are all a possible problem the students will see the results of.

Countries that juniors can visit while in the program are the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, or Ecuador. The student body that travels to the respective countries are also very diverse and community service teaches the students to think critically about situations.

In addition to world experiences, Global Glimpse provides scholarships and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. All students applying are guaranteed a scholarship of $1,000 and further scholarships are given based on family income and financial status.

The trip is 2.5 weeks long and costs around $4,000. Travelling to these countries is convenient and flexible as the departure times vary from early June to Early August. Students travel in small groups of twenty with two Global Glimpse leaders and two overseas Global Glimpse staff members present.

According to an Alumni of Global Glimpse, a majority of them had “a life-changing experience” and got a chance to help others, all the while gaining knowledge about the privileges around them.

Although the deadline for sign-up is over, upcoming juniors should keep this program in mind. Most students enjoy and extract a lot from this once-in-a lifetime experience. It also looks wonderful on your college applications.

For more information on future events, you can visit the Global Glimpse Website.

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