By Jannet Rodriguez 

Courier Columnist 

makeoutLANY are an alternative pop band that began making music in a Nashville bedroom. The three members of the band are Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Gross. They have released an EP titled, MAKE OUT and it consists of six songs that have already been released, they are just remastered, and better. One of the songs titled “Kiss”, is new and it is the first time anyone has heard it. The six songs are ILYSB, Walk Away, Bad, Bad, Bad, Made in Hollywood, BRB; kiss, and ILYSB (STRIPPED).

I think MAKE OUT was a very good title for the EP because these are songs you want to kiss someone to. From the original more upbeat version of ILYSB to the sad slow song, BRB; kiss. My favorite song on the EP is the stripped version of ILYSB because it is just Paul singing so calmly. Plus, the meaning of the song is just about being in love and wanting to be with someone. The song is talking to a person telling them how much they mean.

Bad, Bad, Bad is also a favorite because it is really funky. The beat reminds me of the 90’s, it is something my parents would have danced to at a club, if I’m being honest, I dig it. Walk Away is more of a sad song, describing someone someone leaving your life. Kiss is on the same track as BRB, and the best line on this song, that I like is, “the sun is down, you are not around, wait a minute”. I do not know why that line really stuck out to me. The song is very electronic, but so so mesmerizing. It has this very retro vibe.

The whole EP is songs that have been out for a while now, but I enjoyed it because it made me realize why i loved this band to begin with. You should all give it a listen.

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