By Kayla Martinez

Entertainment Editor


Young artist Ruth B recently made her debut off the new hit single, Lost Boy.

The 20-year-old Canadian artist writes and sings her own pieces and is “blessed with keen songwriting and instincts and intimate phrasing,” according to MOXIE.

Ruth B has written several other songs that compliment her smooth voice and beautiful piano accompaniment.

Some of her other new singles include “Golden,“ “Dandelions,” and “Young.” All of these singles come on her debut EP “The Intro.”

Lost Boy, as can be expected, centers around the story of Peter Pan and the freedom of the darling children with him once on Neverland. The song is intimate and sweet, with a clever dichotomy between slow, relaxed tones and vibrant lyrics. The inspiration for Lost Boy came from one of Ruth B’s friends suggestion to watch the television drama Once Upon a Time, from which an episode encompassing the storyline of Peter Pan, sparked the creation of the single.

Ruth B’s first recognition came through her first bit of the single on Vine. She inquired of those on the net for whether she should finish writing the song, and those on the net responded quickly with over 80,000 likes in a week and positive feedback. She finished the single, which aired first last November.

Ruth says she took lessons from age 8 to 13 and grew up inspired by music from artists similar to her own style, like Norah Jones and Sarah Bareilles, as these artists also found their careers early. She is quickly coming to recognition and fame.

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