By Keng Long Wong, Courier Staff Writer

While everybody around the world was playing Pokemon Go, the hottest game last summer, a new game in the Pokemon series is finally arriving. It’s time for the people who are just following the trends to leave, and let the true Pokemon fans battle it out.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the newest editions of the Pokemon series for the Nintendo 3DS, produced by Nintendo. These games are set to be released worldwide on November 18, in game stores, online shops, and the digital version on E-Shop. In addition, the games will be playable in nine different languages.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set in the region of Aloha, a fictitious world based on the island of Hawaii. Here, players can meet with new Pokemon that have never been seen before. In addition to training and hatching Pokemon, the main objective of this game is for players to battle and trade with each other.

Many non-Pokemon players might be curious as to why the new Pokemon games usually come out in pairs. Even though the storylines are almost the same, some Pokemon can only be caught exclusively in one particular version of the game. Thus, Nintendo encourages Pokemon fans to buy the two versions simultaneously, allowing the company to generate more profit and remain successful.

A major difference between Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go is that Pokemon Sun and Moon costs money. Because only the true fans of Pokemon are willing to spend money for a Nintendo game, this difference filters out those people who are simply following trends. These people are the ones who often maintain that Pokemon is only for kids, but after Pokemon Go came out, they jumped in and played it along with everyone else. For this reason, the players you interact with in Pokemon Sun and Moon are usually the ones who genuinely love the Pokemon series.

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