By Margarita Garcia, Courier Staff Writerwireap_d0a9ab3f850a4cd18272dec2509dbbf5_16x9_1600

Possibly one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit the Philippines. Haima, has destroyed property and the lives of people.

At least 7 people have died in the Philippines due to the typhoon. Haima had left power outages, due to its strong winds, and flooding in the northern part of the Philippines.

According to BBC news “The storm was upgraded to a super typhoon just before it hit in Penablanca, a town in Cagayan province, around 23:00 local time (1500 GMT) on Wednesday.”

The details of the death according to ABC News were “Two construction workers died when a landslide buried their shanty in La Trinidad town in the mountain province of Benguet,” officials said, while an additional two villagers perished in landslide, another was swept away in a river and remains missing in Ifugao province, near Benguet. Further, another man died after being pinned by a fallen tree in Isabela province. One other typhoon-related death was reported in northern Ilocos region but details were not immediately available”

Diagrams have shown that Haima will be around the coast of Southeast China on the 21st of October near the the city of Hong Kong and Shantou. It will move towards the Zhangchou.

“Under Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, more than 80,000 people were evacuated in the regions of Ilocos, Cagayan, Cordillera, Central Luzon and Bicol.” From USA TODAY.

Flights are being canceled due to Haima. One example is Quanta’s flights from Australia to Hong Kong on Friday

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