By Leslie Sanroman, Courier Staff Writeryour_vote_counts

Many of the seniors at Logan have expressed their disappointment about voting on November 8, 2016. Some feel that it is pointless to vote because they do not agree with either of the candidates. The students reveal how upset they are that after 18 long years of waiting; the primary candidates this year are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

All students have different views and feelings about this year’s elections. Some are voting for Hillary just so Trump will not win, however some are voting for Hillary because they actually feel she would be a suitable president, and others are not voting at all because they feel it is useless to vote between two bad presidents.

“I am definitely voting for Clinton,” Melody Navarrete exclaimed,” I can’t believe Donald Trump is even being allowed to run for president. This being one of the best countries, how could we allow someone with so much ignorance have the possibility of leading it.”

The students shared a lot of negative comments about this year’s election and are not showing excitement for being a part of it. The 2016 candidates are encouraging some of the new eligible voters to vote, but not exactly for the right reasons. I was unable to find a Trump supporter around campus willing to be interviewed.

“Honestly, I don’t know what is going on and what each candidate is offering. All I know is I prefer anyone over Donald Trump,” said Rogelia Sanroman, senior.

This year’s election is drawing out a lot of controversial opinions from both Clinton and Trump supporters. A lot of Logan’s seniors and other new voters will play a role in deciding who will be the next president of the United States.

Who will you vote for?

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