By Amanda Anabeza, Courier Staff Writersamsung-galaxy-note-7-recall-fire-explosion-3-840x560

Beginning early September, over one hundred customers who purchased Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 have reported their defective phones to the company. Some have suffered more damage than others.

Simply put, the cause of the Galaxy Note 7’s malfunction is in the battery of the phone. The phone is said to overheat while placed on their one-of-a-kind charger and “exploding” or catching on fire. This was a terrible inconvenience and did result in property damage in many cases.

After the complaints of customers, Samsung asked all Galaxy Note 7 users to return their cellular phones for a new replacement. They recovered about 1 million of the phones that were sold, nearly half of what was manufactured.

After many returns and exchanges, it just wasn’t meant to be. In the month of October there were more reports of the “new” Note 7 being just as defective as the first.

Samsung was forced to make the decision to stop all sales of the phone. Samsung asked users to shut down their phones and they will continue to recall the replacements that were issued out.

The Note 7 is officially canceled and the production of the flawed phone has been permanently put to a halt. Those who are still in possession of one are asked to take the phone back to where they purchased it for a refund. Note 7’s are now prohibited from entering all planes, as they have become a serious hazard to society.

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