By Izabella Gonzalez, Courier Staff Writer

The Puente class hosted a flea market at James Logan on October 22nd. Held in a section of the student parking lot, the flea market welcomed all the people traveling along Alvarado Niles Blvd to view the vendors’ setups.


This was the first flea market done by a club at Logan, and the idea came from the desire for a new way to fundraise. Puente treasurer, Isabel Gonzalez, shared “We wanted to do something different. And it’s a way to involve the community together.”

Preparing for the flea market, the Puente club worked together. “We went to each other’s houses to make flyers and raffle baskets. And we had it announced on Logan Live,” said Marina Faraz, Puente activities director.

People got to enjoy a show from the Ballet Folklorico dancers, who made an appearance toward the end of the flea market. Passersby on a walk even stopped to watch.

The turnout, however, wasn’t everything Puente leaders had wished for. Araceli Gonzalez, Puente president, admitted, “I had hoped for a bigger turnout. But don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with what we have as of right now.”

I was told there are plans for another flea market to be held next March. Gonzalez explained plans for the next flea market, saying “we really want to get the words out sooner. We tried getting people to reserve spots beforehand, so next time we’re going to hand out flyers. We also want more clubs to join.”

It seems now that the leaders of this event have a better idea of what to anticipate, they have strategies to improve it for their next run.

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