By Stephanie Ramirez, Courier Staff Writerimg_5489

On September 24th, the cheer team performed at Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a USA cheer competition. This was the first time competing in Santa Cruz because it is normally too early in the season to have a whole competition routine done. The cheer team competes in order to qualify for Nationals in March that is held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Despite being early in the season and the majority of the team being new to cheerleading, we did a great job overall. Since it was our first competition of the season, it was stressful getting there but we managed to get through the whole routine. We placed 5th and almost qualified to Nationals. Due to these results, it makes me excited to see what this season has in store for us because this team will get far.

Varsity cheerleader, Jaida Martin says, “We did not do bad at all, we placed and I believe we are capable of doing bigger things this competition season. We placed our first competition and that says a lot to me. I know we can accomplish our goals which is placing 1st or 2nd place and qualifying to Nationals.”

Junior Varsity cheerleader, Brianna Domingo says, “ I think we did pretty good for our first competition, and having such a short amount of time learning our routine. I felt more excited than scared experiencing my first comp. I do expect a good season because as we practice, we just get better and better.”  

We had many practices to go over the routine because we are striving for a better cheer season every year and I believe that this season we can do anything as long as we all want the same outcome. I know that we can punch our tickets to nationals. Overall, this competition was good experience to get the chance to perform on the beach and seeing our skills in the beginning of the season.

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