By, Adriana Elias, Entertainment Editorlany-cover-photo

Lany is an alternative band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss. This 3 piece band formed in March 2014 and released their debut EP ‘Acronyms’ later that year. A hit called “ILYSB” came from that album and since then their careers have took off. They have performed at multiple music festivals, such as Lollapalooza, and have opened up for successful teen artists like Troye Sivan and Halsey.

It is no doubt that they’re music is for confused, and in a way angsty, adolescents. This is prominently seen in the song entitled “yea babe, no way”. In this song they reminisce about a relationship that once had so much love but then suddenly went wrong and ended. This speaks to many teens in high school who are experiencing relationships for the first time and who are trying to grow independently as well as with their partner.

Not only does Lany take you on a psychedelic trip with their electronic music, they also expose you to many struggles that an adolescent experiences.

This theme continues in their album ‘Kinda’ with their song “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” where they take the stance of a confused young person who constantly goes back and forth with the idea of loving and hating California showing the indecisiveness of a young mind. This song also depicts the attitude of many young people on social media with lyrics like “Friday, wine and the internet. The only love I seem to get”. This lyric speaks deeply to the youth of this generation because of their dependency on social media. It is apparent that this band is so widely loved because of how relatable their music is.

Lany has recently departed on a tour of their own where they will be hitting various cities around the country. Lany comes to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on Thursday, November 17th with tickets starting at $20.00. Purchase them now to submerge yourself in the chill vibes that they radiate at their shows.

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