By Harleen Kaur, Courier Staff Writer

IMG_6983The Black Student Union is a club at James Logan High School. This club meets up at room 529 in Ms. Allen’s room every Thursday starting at 3:45 pm and usually last about 40 to 50 minutes. All students in the school are welcome to join and there about fifteen or more members in the club. One of the motives of the club, according to Jessica Vasquez, a long lasting member is to “unite students or build up interconnectedness through socializing.” The club has many discussions regarding various topics such as the prevailing prejudice being done to those in the society, especially African Americans and how they feel about it. Another member stated that the club also tries to “promote or expose others to African American history”. At times, they make and perform cultural skits to present a historic event or person in front of other club members. Relating to this, they even complete assigned projects on the themes of cultural topics. Recently, they had a Kwanzaa presentation held during December for an ethnic event. This school has great diversity and reaching out to others to share cultural values is what this club does overall. Many members of the club are African American themselves, and they have joined to learn further in depth about their own traditions. The club even chills out and plays games on days they want to take a break from the usual routine.

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