By Mary kay  Floyd, Courier News Editor

On the morning of Monday, May 29th, a horrifying car crash left two people dead, including 17 years old James Logan High School student, Simon Sotelo.

Simon and six other passengers were in a pickup truck, when suddenly, they crashed into a minivan at an intersection of Park Street and Lincoln Avenue in Alameda.  Briana Ortega died at the scene and Sotelo died shortly after being taken to the hospital.  The other passengers suffered critical injuries.   The only person who was in the minivan was the driver and he also suffered critical injuries.

The police revealed that speed could be at fault for the terrifying crash.  The truck was racing down the street when it suddenly clipped the minivan. The truck rolled over 3 times, as what a surveillance video showed.  Police say that this is a “major accident investigation.”

It is hard to face a tragedy like this, but for James Logan, it is even harder.  Three students’ lives were already taken this year to car crashes.  These students include June Ioramo, Izaiah Mease, and the latest, Shane Marcelino.  This is a reminder to drive safely, as doing the most simplest thing can save one life at a time. At the same time, we mourn for the loss of yet another friend and member of the James Logan community.

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