By Jeremy Aquino, Courier Staff Writer

Every senior in high school has experienced “senioritis” and it has spread among all Logan seniors. A high school student always says “I always had senioritis” even if they are brand new freshman. This disorder causes all senior students to lose focus and relax before the school year is even over.

I was diagnosed with senioritis in early March and was suffering from lack of focus in all of my classes.It was exhausting just sitting there and trying to learn something brand new into my brain with a few months left in the school year .I thought I was the only one suffering from this horrid sickness,but I had enough energy to communicate with my classmates and they all responded with depressing sighs.

If you think you have senioritis and you are not a Senior,I promise you that you don’t have Senioritis. But,if you do help yourself to hanging out with your friends or sleeping in and just hold on to those last few weeks of school left.

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