Leslie Sanroman, Courier Staff Writer

Before they say their final goodbyes, many seniors at James Logan High School have decided to have a little fun by bringing their pets to school.

As part of an organized effort, many students decided on this plan for their last day of senior check out. Word got around to all grades through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Students brought in their pets in book bags, strollers, and anything that hid the animal.

However, the school faculty reacted negatively towards this idea. CST’s were ordered to report any students with an animal and send them to the office. Those who did get caught had to take their dogs back home and go on about their days. With that being said, some students were very careful in not getting caught with their pets.

James Logan Senior, Rogelia Sanroman, said “I brought my dog because I’ve always wanted to participate in a bring your pet to school day since elementary school, but never got the chance. I decided that this was the perfect chance to bring my dog for the last day of high school, even if they made me take her home after a couple of hours.”

However, some students did get away with hiding their pets and showing them around school for their last day. There have been a variety of dogs secretly roaming around the halls with their owners having what may be their first and last visit to the school.

This idea of bringing pets to school has not been brought up years prior until today. Although there have been students who randomly bring pets individually throughout the school year, there has never been such a large organized effort before.

Overall, the seniors delivered a successful surprise that will make their last goodbye memorable to both themselves and the Logan staff.

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