By Stephanie Ramirez, Courier Staff Writer

The Union City Community and Recreational Services are ready to begin their camps this summer. Last weekend on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th was training for all the employees that are working this summer. Recreational services are known to work with kids in different camps to make summer a lot more fun. For the staff, we learn how to approach situations, emergencies, lead games, how to be energetic, etc. This training was filled with lots of information and fun, we all got to know each other and see who we might be working with.

I will be working at Camp Polliwog which the age group is 3-5 year olds, I personally am excited to work with little kids and making their summer fun. It is my first year working for Recreational Services, to meet new coworkers and plan the kid’s summer is exciting. It’s something new.  I hope the kid’s summer is great and so is mine.

Ana, a sophomore will be working at Camp Hedgehog which includes kids that are 5-7 year olds. She says “ I am excited to work with kids this summer, I want to leave a lasting impression with this camp. I want the kids to enjoy their summer and do all these activities we planned for them. I remember when I was a kid and had fun so for me to be able to be  a part of their summer makes me happy.” Camp is all about the kids and just having a great summer so for us wanting that for the kids is an amazing feeling.

This summer will be filled with a bunch of great employees and even though most of us don’t work in the same camp, we make summer enjoyable for the kids. Every year is different and I think anyone should apply for this next summer. Summer is about having fun and enjoying great company so why not, with your co workers and kids.

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