By Alyssa Tornel, Courier Staff Writer

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (rated R) brings back all of our favorite characters and introduces us to some new as well, all in an action-packed sequel.

The story has an exhilarating beginning with our main character, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton), reuniting with a familiar face. Eggsy runs into Charlie (Edward Holcroft), who failed to become a Kingsman in the first movie. Charlie manages to steal all of the Kingsmen’s’ information and then passes it on to his boss and new villain Poppy, played by Julianne Moore. Poppy is the head of a large organization called The Golden Circle and also the leader of a major drug cartel. Poppy uses the information given to her by Charlie to plan an attack on the Kingsmen which leaves only two survivors, Eggsy and Merlin (played by Mark Strong).

Merlin is given an even bigger role for this second installment and allows the audience to get more attached to him. Eggsy and Merlin must now travel all the way to Kentucky to join forces with their brother organization because after the attack, they’re left with nothing. The Kingsmen and Statesmen must work together to take down Poppy, who was not only behind the attack of the Kingsmen, but has an even bigger plan up her sleeve. Poppy is now planning to use her drugs as a weapon to have millions killed by the disease that she planted in her drugs. The Kingsmen and Statesmen have to join forces and get the anecdote from her before it’s too late.

Newcomers to the franchise, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal, add even more action and conflict to the story. Halle Berry’s character, Ginger Ale, plays the classic role of the woman in the chair that every spy movie needs and you end up rooting for her to become more than that by the end of the movie. Agent Whiskey, played by Pedro Pascal (most recently seen as Pablo Escobar in Narcos), adds a sense of mystery to the plot because you’re not sure of whose side he’s really on. Pascal also does a really good job at playing both a spy and country man.

However the one aspect that could have been used as a major plot twist in the movie, was ruined by the marketing leading up to the premiere. The return of a certain kingsman didn’t leave the audience feeling any excitement or shock because early trailers revealed his return. The marketing also makes it seem as though newcomer and Statesman, Channing Tatum, will play a big role in the movie which is the total opposite. The marketing tactic to sell Channing Tatum as a new leading man in the movie is completely false advertising because he rarely speaks or is on screen.

The little things in this movie really make it come to life on the screen. Taron Egerton, who returns to reprise his role of Eggsy, brings both charm and class to the character. His character has been through so much throughout both movies so you’re rooting for him to become victorious throughout the film. The cameo from Sir Elton John was also quite the surprise. Although his character was unnecessary to the plot, he made up for it by adding some humor to the story and for doing a fight scene in a ridiculous outfit. The music that they play during the action scenes adds to the entertaining aspect of the movie as well. Unlike most films, where all you hear is fists hitting faces, the music played here adds to the classiness that the Kingsmen embody.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a mix of both action and comedy. Although it’s a flashy and over-the-top spoof of the old James Bonds movies, they make it work somehow. Despite not quite living up to the original, it still has an all-star cast and the perfect amount of action, comedy, and classiness that any movie fan can enjoy.

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