By Sheris Mendiola, Courier Staff Writer

Nine hours of sleep is an ideal amount of time for teenagers, but majority of them don’t fulfill the healthy necessity.

On a poll I ran sent to random students, homework was the number one reason most students who got under nine hours of sleep. It’s either students are overworking themselves by having a full load of honors and AP classes or some classes assign too much homework. These students possibly have other things to do as well with their lives than just focus on schoolwork.

After interviewing multiple students at Logan, 6 hours were the average amount of sleep obtained by students.

Demisha Price and Arjot Pabla, both seniors, said they “stay up and watch youtube videos.”

Procrastination was the second highest ranking reasons for under 9 hours of sleep. This is due to student’s constant use of electronics and the affect it has on people’s sleep. It stimulates the brain and causes addiction. People grow dependent on their phones and computers which leads to students checking their devices before they sleep. They then get carried away and end up glued to that device for hours.

Practice was the top 3rd reasons why students get nine hours of sleep. Practice could be referring to band, choir, sports, or other activities that require commitment weekly.  It depends on how long practice lasts but after interviewing students from different sports teams at Logan they can last up to 3 hours. Some even last more than that on certain days. This is another cause for lack of sleep in Logan students. 

Experts would suggest time management is key in this situation, but with homework and electronic distractions, students are most likely to sleep late.

Hobbies, helping family, and work are the other reasons for students getting under 9 hours of sleep.

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