By Joshua Vasquez, Courier Sports Editor

With the “jock persona’ that I carry, I didn’t think that the fall musical,  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, would interest me– I was wrong.

I’ll be honest. I had that mindset going in when I asked some of my teammates to come with me and watch it and hilariously, I got the exact response I knew I would have gotten. Nevertheless, I knew I was going to endure an amazing performance put on by the whole Logan Drama department.

As I made my way over to the pavilion I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces I’ve known since middle school, such as Jerrald Sarmiento, who played an amazing Pseudolus and Prologus, as well as Erik Dylan Matibag, who played the rollicking role of Hysterium.

From the first step that I took into the Performing Arts Center, I could already feel an exciting presence coming from inside the theater doors. The ushers were on alert, audience was edgy, and the entire cast and crew were ready to put on a show for us that’s been in the works for the past two months.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone interested in attending either Friday or Saturday night, however, I can tell you this. It didn’t disappoint.

Every single performance was put on to perfection. Whether it was the pirates or the main characters, they all put on an astonishing ensemble. Every cast member, even the ones I personally knew were in flawless character that made the audience laugh the entire night.

After the production ended, I got the chance to talk too a pair of astounding performers, Jerrald Sarmiento (Pseudolus/Prologus) and Kelsy Manansala (Philia).

I’ve gotten the chance to ask them “What was your favorite memory or experience regarding this entire production?”, and “How do you feel yourself and your castmates performed for opening night?”

Jerrald said, “Well, I know we killed it, especially for a Thursday night showing. I felt like the audience was with us 100% of the time and they supplied us with the energy we needed. We we’re all really pumped and super happy that people were laughing and understanding the show and for me the most exciting part was actually preparing and getting to see it all come together. We went from reading out of a script to singing and dancing in costumes, and that was truly magical as well as getting to perform in front of a live audience. That was amazing.”

Kelsy said, “In my three years of musical production experience, this was my best and my favorite opening night. Most years, I have found that the overall performance of the cast during our shows tend to be a bit hectic, however, tonight’s performance was smooth and had very high energy. My favorite experience through all of this was getting to work with this particular cast. I find that i’ve had the most memorable moments with my cast mates as well as the pleasure to comfortably explore my own capabilities freely because of the closeness in our friendship.”

It really amazed me to see so many people that were involved and how much this musical meant to them. Everything from the foyer to the actual production opened my eyes in how professional and well mannered it was set up. I absolutely recommend to go and watch this incredible production.

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