By Catherine Nguyen and Sheris Mendiola, Courier Staff Writer

By Jodamaster

Two weeks ago at James Logan High School, students and staff aimed to help students think about college decision and help them with their applications in a fun way.

During Logan’s college week, students and staff organized activities like scavenger hunts, dodge ball games, food fairs and, club stands all held in Colt Court. Though there were so many activities and options, not many students participated in the college week activities or seemed to be engaged in the activities that students and staff offered.

Jamie Mansalay, a senior, didn’t attend college week. She said, “I’ve been busy with other school activity, I’ve been also trying to keep my grades up.”

Though she didn’t attend, she did think college week would’ve benefitted her.

One club, Colts’ College Opportunities’, purpose is to help all students gain knowledge on college opportunities they have and can take, to show them different ways to get there.

Sierra Garcia, the Vice President of Colt’s College Opportunities, had something to say about why many students aren’t attending college week.

She said,  ”Many students think they can’t get into college or pay for college but there are so many different options you can take to get there.”

Some of the options she mentioned included applying for financial aid, scholarships and, grants.

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