By Stacy Park, Courier Staff Writer

Hey Colts! Last week was Black Friday, and you know what that meant! Shopping!

Black Friday is the day you can finally buy that jacket you’ve always wanted since January, or that flatscreen that’s over one-hundred dollars off. Students were thrilled with this year’s holiday shopping.

“Black Friday this year was good. I spent a lot of time buying presents for my family. I went to the Newpark Mall and was surprised to see not a lot of people here,” said Leslie Angel, a junior.

“My ups were having a good time with my family and friends. My downs were spending too much money on clothes and presents; I didn’t buy a lot of food goods.”

Michael Martinez, a senior, also had opinions about Black Friday.

“I didn’t have anything exciting planned for shopping this year. However, I was surprised at the deals I scored today. I shopped at Sears Outlet, Burlington, and JcPenney. There was not a lot of people shopping this year. I expected a lot of people and chaos, but in reality, it wasn’t that bad. My ups were bargaining on some nice clothes. Some downs were that some registers would take a while to process information, causing slower transactions and in some stores, it was a bit messy with clothes falling on the ground,” said Martinez.

Last year, many videos surfaced the web of people fighting over TVs and slow cookers.  This year appeared to be toned down a bit.

Many people enjoyed shopping last week. Hopefully no one got hurt this year.


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