By Stacy Park, Courier Staff Writer

Seniors, it’s that time of the year to start your college applications. Deadlines are creeping in, and you surely don’t want to miss them!

Here are a few students’ thoughts about their process of applying for college.

  • “Currently, I have applied for seven in-state colleges. I have spent a huge amount of money paying for my application fees. I feel like the most stressful thing about working on my college apps are writing the tedious personal essays for UC’s,” said Christine Vu, a senior.
  • “I have applied for ten colleges so far. Luckily, I was able to use a fee waiver for my application fees. I have to say, writing the essays for colleges is frustrating and can take a long time finishing them,” said Ishaan Sharma, a senior.

  • “I just finished applying my first application. I am very sure that I will use a fee waiver for all my college apps. Some things that I am worried about is if I have the right information on my apps and if I have a chance in getting into the school I want to attend,” said Ahmed Noor, a senior.

Hopefully, everyone can finish applications without overstressing themselves. In Logan, there are many resources they can use. For example, students can come to the College and Career Center during lunch or after school to get help filling out their FAFSA and listen to presentations that will guide them throughout the college app process. Go Colts!

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