By Alyssa Tornel and Roxanne Ramos, Courier Staff Writers 

Disney’s Coco is one of those can’t-miss movies of the year, with the potential to bring lots of laughs and be relatable to any viewer.

Coco follows the life of Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) and his family as they prepare for the annual celebration of the Day of the Dead. Everyone in Miguel’s family is a shoemaker, but Miguel feels that he is destined for more.

His family has despised music ever since it was banned long ago, but Miguel, of course, loves music. When Miguel discovers a clue about his family’s past, he immediately aspires to go back in time to clarify the reason behind his family’s stigma. Magically traveling to the Land of the Dead, Miguel runs into his long-dead relatives, from which he must receive their blessing in order to travel back to the present.

When Miguel realizes he can’t agree with the rules that comes with the blessing, he goes to find his great-great-grandfather–the reason behind the hate of music in their family. Miguel then teams up with Hector, Gael García Bernal, who aid him in an ultimate quest for the truth.

The visuals in Coco are truly breathtaking, with vibrant colors and animations that allow it to stand apart from the crowd. In addition, the movie stays true to the Mexican culture, incorporating many authentic details from the Day of the Dead–from the pan dulce to the colorful marigolds.

Even the music is traditional, helping the characters to guide the story. The deep and meaningful songs allow emotions to arise in syncopation with the plot twists, and are overall fun to listen to.

Coco features an all-Latino cast–a rare and momentous feat for Latinos today. Newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, who plays Miguel, does a fantastic job at expressing emotions through his voice. He brings both comedy and seriousness to his character through his unique and on-point acting.

Gael García Bernal also brings his own flair to the film. He truly feels like a familiar uncle or friend who we can all relate to and have fun with. He even uses the word chamaco, or “old friend”, which contributes to the evident chemistry that both Bernal and Gonzalez throughout the movie.

With its cultural and familial authenticity, pleasing music and visuals, and perfect blend of comedy and drama, Coco is a definitely a standout movie of the year.

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