By Salvador Esquibel, Kaitlyn Espinosa, and Alexa Fernandez, Courier Staff Writers

On November 9th, Logan had a Heritage Day to recognize other cultures and their traditions.

Students and teachers wore heritage outfits that related to their ethnicity, and ethnic clubs served food correlating to their culture.  Heritage Day was a chance for students and teachers to express themselves and show off their backgrounds.

Ballet Folklórico performed during lunch to show of their culture by dancing to songs from different regions in Mexico. They performed 3 different regions.  The first routine was Chiuaua, which is located in Northwestern Mexico and is one of the largest cities in Mexico. The costumes are usually the guys wearing a plaid shirt with black pants, while the girls have short dresses with vibrant colors. The second routine was Veracruz.  Veracruz is located in the eastern part of Mexico.  The costumes for that region are mostly all white. The routine was Jalisco and is one of the many known cities in Mexico.  The guys would wear Charro outfits which is a traditional outfit that represents the upcoming of a man, while the girls wear beautiful colored dresses and unique accessories.

The food during lunch had so much to offer because everything was a part of their own culture. Food such as churros, chow mein, and fried chicken was sold during lunch for Heritage Day.

Alexa Fernandez felt like was “significant for our school to have culture week because it gives people a chance to really represent their culture and give others a sort of perspective on what it would be like to be apart of their culture. It’s an eye opening experience for everyone to see other worlds different from their own and it can be educational in a way as well. You learn about other people, they give you a piece of their identity, of who they are. I would say that is very important in terms of how Logan practices diversity within the students and staff to make everyone feel welcomed as themselves, and that doesn’t just limit in terms of race within our school community, but other aspects of the people too.”


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