By Kelly Lan and Romi Cablay, Courier Staff Writers

Photo by Eva Rinaldi, via Wikimedia

Maroon 5 has once again made headlines, this time for their new album, “Red Pill Blues”.

Maroon 5 first made their debut in 2002 with a guitar-centric album, “Songs About Jane” and their next four albums have all been No. 1 or No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

On August 30 2017, the American pop rock band known as Maroon 5 dropped their song called “What Lovers Do” as their lead single for their upcoming new album. The song features popular American R&B singer SZA.

In early October, the band announced that they would be coming out with their new album. On November 3rd 2017, Maroon 5 came out with their 6th album “Red Pill Blues”  which was released by Interscope records. The album consists a set of 10 songs.

The new album contains more electronic production than their previous albums. But, they still channeled their classic sounds through their bass line, vocals, and beats.

The title of the album red pill and blue pill idea came from The Matrix franchise. The main character was offered a choice of taking the red pill which was to gain knowledge, freedom, and truth of reality or taking the blue pill which consists of security, bliss, and ignorance. However, this title happens to be associated with the The Men’s Rights Activists Movement. The movement was believes that women enjoy being created non-equal, according to COS news.

After learning that their album name was used by anti-feminists, they quickly regretted naming their album and was already too late to change it.

Despite all the controversy, “Red Pill Blues” is an album that is worth checking out.


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