By Demisha Price, Arjot Pabla, and Jonnatan Sanchez, Courier Staff Writers

“Double or Nothing” is the most recent album released by Big Sean and Metro Boomin. According to Forbes, the album currently ranks at number 6 on the Billboard 200, with 50,000 units sold.

When asked about Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s new release, Logan student Arman Pabla stated, “His album is actually pretty cool. I only enjoyed a couple of songs, but I like how he switches up the tempo. My favorite song is “So Good” ft. Kash Doll […] I would totally recommend this album.”

Jai Kalra stated, “I think the album is very interesting considering the style of Big Sean. He really changed his flow […] One of my favorite songs […] is “No Hearts, No Love” […] If you are into some hardcore rap or hiphop, then this album is perfect for you.”

Nevertheless, “Double or Nothing” has sparked a huge debate on social media, due to the absurd and sometimes excessive lyrics. According to Pitchfork, some parts suffer from shallow political commentary, some parts stumble on their lyrical tricks, but most of all, the album suffers from a lack of reality.

Reflecting on these issues, student Gurshawn Singh had mixed feelings about the album. Though he listened to most of the songs, he enjoyed only the first two: “Go Legend” and “Big Bidness.” Singh remarked, “I wouldn’t recommend the album, but I would recommend the first two songs.”

According to Rolling Stone, this is the second album that Big Sean has released in 2017. The first one, “I Decided”, received more positive reviews for its deep, soul-stirring theme of rebirth. This time, however, Big Sean has received mostly mixed reviews, with most reviewers criticizing how his style clashes with that of Metro Boomin. Nevertheless, the album is worth a listen, especially if you’re feeling particularly adventurous at the moment.

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