By Stacy Park, Courier Staff Writer

The second semester has officially started on January 29, 2018.

Here are a few seniors’ thoughts about starting the last semester of their high school lives.

“I love my second-semester schedule. I am legitimately enjoying senior year. Besides the switch from AP Economics to AP US Government, I didn’t switch any of my classes this semester. As a second semester senior, I just want to enjoy my remaining time in Logan. Possibly meet new people and get involved in things that I wasn’t able to do in the previous years,” said Ishaan Sharma, a senior.

“I am satisfied with my schedule because I had no trouble getting into the classes I wanted to enroll. I dropped out of Forensic Science to join Multimedia Workshop which would help me get community service hours. My hopes for the second semester are to have fun, while also managing my time to study hard. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it,” said Eduardo Salas, a 12th grader.

“I am satisfied with my schedule this semester because it didn’t change much. All that changed was Economics to US government, but I still have the same teacher. I did not switch or drop out of any classes this semester. For the second semester, I hope to get good grades so I can graduate and attend the senior activities,” said Janae Bruessard, a senior.

“I did not change my schedule around. For the first semester, I wanted to switch into AP Economics, but I wasn’t able to because my counselor told me that all the classes filled up pretty fast. Since I am a second semester senior now, I don’t have as many worries as I did before for the junior year,” said Ahmed Nour, a 12th grader.

Hopefully, everyone was able to get into the classes they’ve wanted for this semester. I wish everyone has a great second semester for 2018. Go Colts!

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