By Romi Cablay, Courier Staff Writer

After a whole semester of studying, taking tests, and dealing with stress and homework, the first semester has finally came to an end.

Many Logan students, including me, had many thoughts and opinions regarding semester 1 finals. For me personally, this year’s finals weren’t as stressful as I thought they would be, considering that I am a senior. I made sure to organize and study for class that were most important. What really prepared me to study for finals was Quizlet, a popular website that provides flashcards from other students and teachers in order to learn and memorize definitions.

I interviewed a few students at James Logan High School to ask how they handled any stress from finals, which classes were the most difficult, as well as any strategies that helped them study.

Logan senior, Joseph Calpo, said, “I handled my stress by keeping mind positive. I went to tutoring and asked his teachers questions which are some strategies that helped me study. Classes that I struggled on most was english because I’m not that really good in grammar”

Another person I interviewed was also a senior, Kayla Ridao. She said that going to tutoring after school has really helped her. The classes that she seemed to struggle with this year were AP lit and math.

With the strong opinions everybody had about finals, they were happy that the stress is over. It’s time to start fresh with the new semester and finish the school year off strong.

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